What do I need to come to Costa Rica for dental work?

Choose Costa Rica for Dental Work

Costa Rica is becoming one of the most popular places for visitors from all over the world. There are so many attractions that invite people from all ages and interests. From bird watching, surf competitions and fishing, to coffee and rose plantations, there is something for everyone. However, did you know Costa Rica is also one of the most popular dental and medical tourism destinations? People from all over the United States and Canada fly from their home countries in order to receive quality medical services. This is because Costa Rica has one of the best health systems in Central America, it is a peaceful and safe country, and because quality work is available at a fraction of the cost for equivalent services at home. In addition, Costa Rica is relatively close, compared to other countries in Latin America, at only a 3-hour flight from the closest United States airports. Are you wondering what you need to do to get your dental work done in Costa Rica? Here are a few steps to get your journey started.

1. Gather your x-rays and dental records:

The first step will be to determine if flying to another country is feasible and a good idea for you. Most dental offices that focus on dental tourism are able to provide an estimated treatment plan based on your recent records. Try to get x-rays that are not more than a year old. Your local dentist’s notes and estimated treatment plan are also helpful. In some cases, pictures may be requested of you too. The idea is to give the dental office a clear and updated view of your case.

2. Prepare your passport and look at flights.

If your passport is not ready or up to date, look into the necessary paperwork to get that ready. Then start looking at possible travel dates. Make sure to keep in contact with the dental office to confirm their availability and recommended time frames. When you are able to reach an agreement in dates, look for the best deals in flights. There are many apps that can help you get great prices. There are direct flights to Costa Rica from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Newark, Houston, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Charlotte.  If you are getting dental work at San José you will fly to SJO Juan Santamaría International Airport. No visa is required for US citizens.

3. Book your hotel.

Once your flight is booked you can start looking into hotels to stay at. Usually, dental offices will have a list of recommended hotels. Sometimes, they will work directly with some hotels for better rates or better deals. You can ask also about transportation arrangements from the airport. If you want to make your dental trip also a vacation, make sure to discuss your schedule with the dental office in case you want to leave San José for a few days.

4. Pack your bags and enjoy the adventure.

Make sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes. Weather in Costa Rica can be unpredictable so bring both mild and warm-weather clothes. Rain gear is also a good idea.  You will not need any outlet converters in Costa Rica. Most commercial places accept credit and debit cards, but if you want to bring spare money, you may want to bring small denomination bills like $10 and $20 as these are more accepted than $50 and $100 bills. Take your flight and relax.

There are many advantages to consider Costa Rica for major dental work. It is a safe, close, and affordable option. We are a dental office located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our doors have been open to patients from the United States and Canada for over 12 years. Our English-speaking staff is very kind and willing to help to make your visit as seamless as possible. If you are considering major dental work, feel free to contact us to get your treatment started.

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