Dental FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


1How many days do I have to stay to get dental work in Costa Rica?
Our standard turnaround time is one week, but there are some restorative procedures like Crystal Ultra dentures, chrome partials, and anterior implant-supported crowns that may require up to seven business days in Costa Rica.
2Why do I have to stay for so long?
The lab generally needs two full business days to process and fabricate prosthetics, but this does not include clinic days. We also like to have a backup day at the end of the week in order to allow adjustments. Some products like dentures and partials require several try ins, which extends the lab process.
3Why do I have to come back after 4-5 months to finish dental implants?
After the implant is surgically placed on your jawbone, bone cells grow around its threads and after several months harden into bone. This process is called osseointegration and it is necessary before the final crown placement. Loading the implant immediately can endanger the success of the implant.
4Why don’t you offer same-day implants?
Same day implants are not recommendable in dental tourism. The reason is because they require frequent checkups to make sure the integration process is occurring normally. These checkup visits are generally not possible because the patient leaves the country. Also, same-day implants don’t mean the patient gets a final, permanent crown on surgery day or that they do not have to ever come back. Actually, patients must leave with a temporary abutment and crown only to replace these for permanents five months later.
5Would I wear something to temporarily replace my teeth as implants integrate?
Most likely. The most economical way to temporarily replace your missing teeth after an implant placement is to get a removable partial or complete denture. After a surgical procedure, the gum anatomy changes notably over the healing months, so it is better to opt for a temporary measure that is also adjustable to these changes. If you are looking into something more permanent, we can fabricate transitional bridges that use the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth as retainers. These can then be changed into individual crowns.
6Do you help with travel arrangements?
Yes. We are able to help with hotel recommendations. Due to a partnership, our front desk staff is able to make reservations at some hotels that give special rates to our patients. We can also arrange an airport ride with a trustworthy driver for a reasonable fee as well as courtesy transportation to and from the appointments if you stay at any of the recommended hotels. If you decide to stay at hotels not in the list, you can contact us to verify if it is within range. We leave patients to arrange their own airfare so they can more easily adjust their schedule and get the best deal they can get.
7Do you provide sedatives, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation?
Due to national regulations, our clinic is unable to provide nitrous oxide or narcotic medications to patients. IV sedation is available with an anesthesiologist but the surgery must be referred to another facility. Please mention this at the moment of your consultation.
8What brand of dental implants do you restore?
We work mostly with BioHorizons implants, but we are able to restore basically any brand distributed in the United States so long as you provide the implant specifications before your visit. The information required is brand, size, and model.
9How far ahead do I have to schedule?
We recommend patients to schedule their appointments at least two weeks in advance to make sure there is availability during the dates they plan to come.
10What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express. We also accept cash (USD).
11Do you accept insurance?
We are unable to accept direct assignment of benefits from insurance companies. However, this does not mean you will be unable to take advantage of your benefits. Once the treatment is completed, we can fill out the claim forms so you can then submit them for reimbursement.
12Do you offer credit or financing?
At the moment, we are unable to offer any financing or credit options.
13Do you offer Invisalign or other orthodontic treatments?
We are unable to offer orthodontic treatments to patients from other countries because they require monthly visits for adjustments.
14Do you offer transportation?
We have a pickup range from which we can pick patients up and drop them off from their appointments. We can also arrange transportation from the airport to the hotel with a trustworthy driver for a reasonable fee.
15How does the guarantee work?
We offer a ten-year guarantee for chips, fractures, or malfunction of final crowns, bridges, and dentures. Our dental implants also have a 10-year warranty. The warranty does not cover fractures, infections, or cavities on the underlying teeth. It will also not cover travel expenses or accommodations for a return visit to Costa Rica.
16What is the success rate for a dental implant?
Titanium dental implants have a very high success rate (98%). Usually, implant cases that fail are due to systemic risk factors like diabetes, excessive tobacco use, osteoporosis, etc.
17What is the material used in bone grafts?
The bone graft used is an allograft (means it is taken from another being) of mineralized and sterilized bovine bone chips that act as a scaffold for new bone formation. This is obtained from authorized brands.
18Who performs surgical and/or endodontic work?
Surgical and endodontic work are performed by specialists who come to the clinic on call.
19Is Costa Rica safe?
Costa Rica distinguishes itself from its neighboring countries in safety. Here crime rates are lower than many American cities. In fact, the stability of the nation is such that it abolished its army since 1948, which has had a direct impact on the Costa Rican society. Most patients experience the prevailing feeling of safety and peace.