Costa Rica Dental Reviews

The Costa Rica Dental Team is a dental office located in San Jose, Costa Rica that specializes in dental tourism. This means we offer patients from the United States, Canada and all over the world an alternative to rising costs for dental work. We strive to offer high quality dentistry at a fraction of the cost. Our skilled staff has more than 12 years’ experience in extensive dental work and full mouth restorations. Many of these involve one or multiple crowns, bridges, and dental implants.

We change lives.

Oftentimes, patients come to us looking for a perfect, bright smile. Others come to us with missing, broken or damaged teeth and they ask for help to restore their function. When teeth are lost due to disease or injury, patients can experience complications due to rapid bone loss, shifting teeth, or changes in speech and mastication patterns. This results in significant discomfort. Dental implants can truly improve overall health and quality of life.

Our experienced dental surgeons have placed hundreds of implants at our clinic. We use Zimmer titanium implants, an FDA-approved implant system widely used in the United States as well. Here is what our patients have to say about their experience.

douglas wilson
douglas wilson
This is my fourth visit with the Costa Rica Dental team I'm having two implants very great professional doctors here dentist very pleased pain-free I will be referring to all my friends and family the Costa Rica Dental team is number one
They provided excellent attention to service. I was seen before my actual appointment hour. They have excellent English vocabulary and explains everything in detail. My only complaint/ if it’s even a complaint is they can charge “the gringo” a much higher price.
Dash Around the world
Dash Around the world
Selected this place based on the reviews and took a HUGE leap of faith coming from the US and SO happy we did! We saved a TON of money , their work was TOP NOTCH and as good as if not better than any dentists we've e ever had! Bedside manner of all dentists was top notch ( and we had 3 separate appointments becuase we needed so much done) and I can't say enough good about the overall experience! Great excuse to return for a cleaning while we're on vacation again! Thanks Costa Rica Dental Team for the most pleasant dentist visit we've ever had. See you guys again soon!!!
Stacy Webb
Stacy Webb
Costa Rica dental is amazing. I absolutely abhor going to the dentist after what they did to me in the states. Dr Jessica was so perfect in how she took care of everything. She was upfront in what we could or couldnt do right now. Paola and Danilea up front were amazing as well. I spoke with them many times with questions before i booked my flight. I had to have two root canals because of the Texas dentist’ mistakes and surgery on another. They got it all done and ready to come back for my implants. You cant ask for better care than here.
Kim Crenshaw
Kim Crenshaw
The doctors and dentists here are simply the best. I have had horrific experiences in my life with dental problems and have extremely high anxiety about getting dental work done. On this vist I had 2 crowns and 2 implants done. I experienced no pain at all after the crowns and just the smallest amount after 2 implants. Both procedures took less than a hour. Everyone here is very caring and the practice is spotless and have better equipment than most dentists in the states. I know that I will always be getting my dental work here from now own. The cherry on the top is the work I've had done here was 70 percent less than what i would have paid back home.
Kate Oubre
Kate Oubre
WOW 🤩 I’m a 64 year old RN. I did my research and determined Costa Rica Dental Team would be the best choice for my dental needs. So I leapt forward and scheduled a trip to Costa Rica. That was the best decision I’ve made concerning my dental health needs. First of all, the staff was very friendly, supportive, professional and knowledgeable. Not at any time did I feel that my needs were not being met. Every appointment that was scheduled, I didn’t mind going. No dental nervousness or regrets. After all the work was completed, I grouped texted my family and they were all happy and pleased with what they’ve seen. Several asked for information for themselves. They said looks like I had reconstructive surgery done too (I didn’t) and look younger ❤️. There was care put into my dental correctives that made me look younger ❤️. Now I love my new look, smile and enjoy eating all at the same time 😃💯
Malea Jo
Malea Jo
I had the most welcoming , supportive experience here!! I was so afraid of getting work done but they made me comfortable gave me multiple options of procedures they could do for me that would work best with my features already ! 10/10 the best staff and the best driver! This is what home feels like !
We were introduced to CR Dental Team by friends a few years ago and have been back multiple times since! From cleanings, to finishing up my implant and now just a few days ago - veneers for my sister, we are over the top satisfied. Dr. Cheryl and her Assistant Daniela went above above for the veneer process, both knowledgeable and compassionate. They took their time to walk her through the steps and make her feel comfortable. Julio from the lab took his time making all adjustments and polishing for her which was appreciated. The process all began with Evelyn’s help from the start. We spoke several times prior to her veneers, she was sweet, understanding, accommodating and had a thorough response to every question we had. Coming from the States, it is intimidating to go to a foreign country for dental work; though I highly recommend visiting for any and all of your dental needs. Just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone. My sisters veneers came out beautiful, they are life changing.
Michael McCloud
Michael McCloud
My wife Gayle and I both have had all our dental work done here over several years. She had a full mouth restoration, and I've had root canals and crowns. Both Dr. Natalie and Dr. Jessica are absolutely the best dental care providers we've ever experienced, and I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough. They have more than earned our respect and our devotion; they are eager to earn yours as well. You will make the best decision for your own care by coming here. If I could give 10 stars I would. Highly recommend.
Conor Kelly
Conor Kelly
I came to Costa Rica Dental Team for a full mouth reconstruction. Years of grinding my teeth had left them badly worn down and cracked. From the moment I arrived, I was impressed with their state-of-the-art facilities and overall professionalism. They told me things about the health of my teeth my dentist back home (Canada) didn’t even know. Dr. Mora is the best dentist I’ve ever worked with, and her attention to detail is unparalleled. I found the entire team to be extremely competent and friendly. They even made the process seem fun! The hotel (Hyatt) was terrific, I loved my experience of Costa Rica, and I couldn’t be happier with my new smile. All-in-all, I know how intimidating it can seem to fly to a foreign country to get dental work done. But honestly, don’t even give it a second thought. I was thrilled with my experience and met plenty of other patients who were too. If you’re looking for quality dental work and an unbeatable price, look no further. I’m happy to give Costa Rica Dental Team my highest recommendation.


The things that I can say about Costa Rica Dental team cannot be expressed in the little amount of space I have here. I came here to Costa Rica in May of 2022 to a different dental place that put me through 15 days of horror. I thought I was permanently disfigured. On my plane ride home The 3 people around me were exchanging fishing pictures talking about the fun they had here. I shared my horrible experience after being told I was going to be able to go enjoy Costa Rica like they did. Instead I was prisoner at home without teeth just wondering if I would ever get to go home. They all said they were here in Costa Rica for the same exact job and all 3 said they went to Costa Rica Dental Team. I messaged them instantly before the plane started moving and gave a bit of a description of what I just went through and I am stuck without a bite and crooked teeth. Who does that? I went in with perfectly straight white teeth and came out all b butchered up with crooked teeth. By the time the plane landed I was so thankful that Costa Rica Dental team was already in contact with me. I couldn’t even eat as only one tooth touched the bottom. That’s how crooked this was and the other place had no shame to steal my money and ignore the botched up job they did. Maria scheduled me; she sent me links to rental places and answered any questions I had. By the time I met the staff at Costa Rica Dental team I couldn’t believe the difference in organization and professionalism. Then I got to meet Dr Mora and her lovely personality. It reminded me of when I was on the plane trying to write my message as fast as possible and the guy next to me couldn’t stop talking about how much he loved Dr Mora. I got to experience her expressions and her positive energy. She started grinding like she sculpting a piece of art and before too long she was able to take what was impossible to live with and made it to where I could eat until the implants healed and come redo this terrible job done by other dentist in Costa Rica. The unfortunate part is this zirconia junk that was forced in my mouth was so crooked and never allowed me to bite down ended up breaking in the middle of the night wearing a night guard. It didn’t even break anywhere near the grinding work done but it was so poorly made that the minute I was able to have a bite the zirconia that was sold to the lowest bidder snapped into 2 pieces. Thank god I was still in Costa Rica and able to be rescued by costa Rica dental team once more. I was scheduled to come back in November of 2022. I had to endure the embarrassment caused by the other dentist having a hard time eating and so many other problems including the top section falling out of my mouth. Finally November is here and I am finally going to have corrected dental work. The procedures and excellent knowledge of these people was completely opposite of my last experience with the dentist who stole my money. First temp was better than the last attempt at the other place. Seeing Dr Mora in action is something on its own but they all get together and make sure they collaborate and come up with the little they needed to change for the second temp. The lies and excuses I got from that other place were such easy fixes with these dentists at the other Dental Team. These professionals corrected my smile. I am now able to eat normal and smile without embarrassment. I cannot praise Costa Rica dental team enough. I wrote a short version of the horror I had before finding Costa Rica Dental team. I highly recommend everyone to come here. From Maria at the front desk to Dr Mora’s incredible personality who works magic. These people are perfectionists and will not give up until they are satisfied with their work. Everyone I saw this week all greeted me with smiles and kindness. They speak very good English for people like me who did not know Spanish. Thank you for everything you guys are amazing. I don’t know why anyone who reads this would go anywhere else. Come to Costa Rica Dental team and please stay out of Escazu
Gilles, US
Costa Rica Dental Team met us at the airport and picked us up. Great service. When we arrived, we were impressed with the technology in the dental offices. They have a small "pen-like" camera hooked to a widescreen monitor to view the inside of the mouth. They pointed out to me the gingivitis and specifically that at each nickel-metal crown. This was an allergic reaction to the nickel! The crowns were porcelain on nickel. They not only did the other necessary work, but removed these problematic crowns, so that my gums will get better. They also intended to remake a crown on a canine upper tooth. It had been a root canal sometime before. About 2 months ago, the crown came loose and was hanging by a very narrow fiber post. Our local dentist put a new crown on with a bigger fiber post. Just a couple days before our CR trip, it broke loose again. At the CR dental office they pointed out that it was simply a “butt joint,” and the root should have had a crown lengthening for the crown to wrap some of the root. Then they discovered some decay inside the root canal. And they had to extract the root! I personally think that our local dentist failed to give good dentistry. That would have been a crown lengthening instead of the weak joint, a significantly sturdier post, and identifying the decay that had already started. Our local dentist…examined the work done by Costa Rica Dental Team and said that the materials and workmanship were superior to their own services. There is much more that I could say.
Dwayne DeWhitt
I had an implant, scaling, whitening and cleaning done. I want to congratulate you on running a world-class operation. You have a wonderful team that takes their profession to a new high with their demeanor and caring and friendly disposition. Alex did an awesome job on my implant and I will be returning with my wife for several implants, veneers and crowns that she needs. Then there is Natalie, a wonderful human being and a rock-star dentist. I had been misdiagnosed in USA and thanks to her expert judgment, it ended up being a case that required deep cleaning and scaling. She did a great job in doing that and my problematic gum started to heal the very next day when I returned for the implant procedure. Can’t praise her work enough!
Khalid Mahmood
Once again I would like to thank you for wonderful work. It feels great and looks awesome. I am very happy with everything. Thank you very much.
Sergey Rudoy
Mike and Natalie – I would like to express my gratitude to the both of you for promptly resolving my situation with my old crown. When I get back from my deployment I would like to get all of my other work done. I am trying to convince my mom to travel to Costa Rica with me so she can get some quality dental work done. You and your staff are the best.
Roberto Ruiz
Mike, It has been 7 months now since I got my new teeth and I LOVE them! Thank for for talking me into the “whitening color”. It is just what I wanted and they look so natural.
Margaret Riley Murphy
Super TLC! Your staff is awesome. You are so superior to our dentist at home. Thank you.
Carol Cummings
My teeth are great and I really enjoyed my visit and appreciate your great staff…
Sandi Nilsson Hanzel
I recently had 11 root canals and crown lengthening surgery on three quadrants of my mouth from the professionals at Costa Rica Dental Team (returning in 2 months for 28 crowns). The professionals here make even the most dreaded dental work seem like a breeze. The day after having surgery on 75% of my mouth I was able to take an all day excursion to the Arenal hot springs! I did not have any pain or discomfort and everything healed perfectly. I will be saving $40k on my dental work and have had time to squeeze in some beautiful sites of Costa Rica. Their technology is as good, or better, than my dentist in the U.S. and of course the price savings is more than worth the trip. The most important thing for me is that the everyone at this dental practice treats you like family and actually considered my preferences when working up a treatment plan.
Erin Adkins
The professionalism and “art” performed by Dr. Yelda Fernandez at Costa Rica Dental Team, has been beyond description. Thanks to all of you for restoring my smile. Thanks to Jeff for all of his assistance in making my stay as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Will return if for no other reason to just say hello and enjoy Costa Rica.
Dr. Ron Fudala
Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the treatment I received. Your staff is great and I appreciate how caring they are. I have had no problems with any of the procedures and the crowns are perfect. They dental guard already arrived and it is good, just have to get used to it. Tell everyone how pleased I was and how fantastic they are!
Kim Brunner
You were 110% correct about the staff and quality of work. I am pleased and look forward to my return in a couple months for the implants. I will direct all persons in need to your office. Thanks again!!!
Steve Blewitt
My October trip to San Jose was mainly for dental work at Costa Rica Dental Team. I had 22 crowns and one root canal done in one week. I can`t tell you how happy I am with the the final product . WOW, now I have a great smile and feel I received the best service possible. It is so great having a lab on site and the most to date dental equipment and you can`t beat the price. I would recommend Costa Rica Dental Team to anyone in need of any dental work.
Steve Howland
We liked the personal service and results of their work so much, that we are actually thinking about going back and getting more elective work done. We could get get this work done in the states, but why not get some cost savings and a vacation for the same price!!!
Rod Kreinbrink
I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet you while I was there to tell you in person how impressed I was with your clinic and the great staff you have working for you. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of care given to me by Dr Yelda and Dr. Maripaz. It wasn’t just the excellent work they performed every day it was also how they came across with their patient. I was made very comfortable by them and I feel like I made true friends. After the first day in the chair I had complete confidence in Yelda and Maripaz. I was also impressed with your other staff, particularly Paola, Paul and Eugenio. They were immensely helpful during my stay. I could go on and on but I’m sure that you have heard this many times before. Again I thank all of you and your team for a pleasant experience and should I need further dental work you will see me again.
Richard Ross
We have finally stopped traveling and we are home. Paul is doing extremely well with his teeth. He eats everything, it’s amazing!!! He just loves them!!!
Paul Silfee
I wanted to speak with you before I left today to compliment you and your staff for their efficiency, professionalism, and friendliness. Dr. Fernandez, Carolina, Paola, Michelle, Eugenio, and Pauli are all assets to your practice and make a daunting experience very comfortable.

You have put together a remarkably sensitive and caring team and I want to congratulate you on that.

Thank you a thousand times for your professionalism, I will wholeheartedly recommend Costa Rica Dental Team without reservation.
Gerry Ahern
As the week winds down I want to extend my appreciation for all the work that has been done and the happiness it has brought Myrna. This is something she has wanted for a long time and going “overseas” certainly was not without apprehension but your hospitality and in- patient attention and care are unsurpassed based on Myrna’s previous experiences. I really cannot imagine doing anymore dental work with anybody else.

Once again thank-you very much for everything and rest assured that you will receive the highest recommendations to our friends, associates and on social media..

Gregg Hall
First… how wise was I to choose to have you good folk work with me! Could not have done better. I am sure you appreciate there is some anxiety about choosing dental services at a distance. However, Costa Rica Dental Team does such an excellent job of presenting its services and the comments on the dental tourism blogs provide a good basis for forming an intuition. My best guess fell far short of the actual experience. You almost make dental work FUN!

I experienced absolutely no discomfort or pain following the insertions (good work and thanks, Alex).

Thanks and good wishes.
Robert Duckmanton

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