Surgical Guides

Why are surgical guides important and why should all dental patients demand that their dentists use surgical guides too?

At Costa Rica Dental Team we use Surgical Guides in order to enhance the precision of our work, so that dental implants are positioned accurately for the best possible cosmetic and clinical outcome. In other words, custom surgical guides ensure that our implants provide our patients with a beautiful, long-lasting smile!

Surgical Guides - Costa Rica Dental Team

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Surgical Guides take away the guesswork and make give dental surgeons complete confidence in the exact location for placing dental implants. This accuracy results in fewer patient complications when compared to traditional surgical placement. In addition, surgical guides require fewer incisions, allowing the patient to recover faster.

Patients should ask their dentist if they are using customized surgical guides for placing their implants. If your dentist is not using customized surgical guides… it may be time to find another dentist.


How does Costa Rica Dental Team use surgical guides to install implants?

Surgical guides indicate the exact implant location in the patient’s mouth, which allows the dental surgeon to place the implants in the precise location, eliminating error and ensuring that the dental restoration process is smooth and uncomplicated.
When Costa Rica Dental Team installs implants, we plan each case to optimize surgical and cosmetic results. We look for the best bone tissue to place the implants and also the best reconstructive design to place complete ceramic esthetic crowns or caps on your teeth. Our planning process involves the surgeon, the restorative specialist and our dental technicians. Our time-tested patient protocol will give you complete confidence in our process, from the initial consultation through follow-up care. The results of our work will give you a dazzling new smile that will improve your self-esteem and give you incredible confidence to show the world this incredible… New You!

What Makes our Surgical Guides So Special?

  • Each surgical guide is designed especially for you.
  • Each guide comes with drilling holes with sleeves inserted which guide the actual drills.
  • Your surgeon may customize your guide with irrigation windows, screw holes, and anchor pin holes to ensure a completely customized fit.

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