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Ever Consider a Dental Vacation?

For most people, “dental work” and “vacation” are words that just don’t seem to go together. However, the concept of a “dental vacation” has become increasingly more familiar, and accepted, to those in the know—and that would definitely include patients of Costa Rica Dental Team. So, let’s take a look at why combining a vacation with having dental work done by us makes so much sense.

What’s so Great About Costa Rica?

In a word, everything! Costa Rica is like a gem situated at the tip of one of the most narrow points of the isthmus of Central America. In fact, the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Seas are mere hours apart by car. If you love sun and surf, you’ll love it here.

For beach goers, we recommend the beaches on the Pacific side since they’re much larger and enjoy a strong dry season. These beaches are ideal for swimming, scuba diving, fishing, surfing and anything else you enjoy doing on, in or near the water.

There are also superb golf courses and surprisingly affordable fine dining nearby, along with recreational attractions that range from the easy-going to the extreme.

If beaches aren’t your thing, or you need a change of scenery, then head to the center of Costa Rica. There you’ll find picturesque mountains with cooler temperatures, rushing rivers, stunning volcanoes, and vast areas of lush, exotic rain forest. The center of Costa Rica is also where the larger cities are, including the capital city of San Jose. From the theater to casinos, discos to museums, San Jose has everything you’d expect to find in a modern metropolis.

Costa Rica has become known as yoga retreat center, and what better way to relax and refresh your body and soul after treatment than a stay in the mountains nearby, such as the AmaTierra Yoga Retreat & Wellness Center.

Why is Costa Rica so Popular for Dental Vacations?

Low Cost Dentistry

The cost of dental work in Costa Rica is much less than the cost for comparable work in the United States. Even with travel expenses, the cost of having dental work in Costa Rica is significantly less than the same work in the US.

Quality Care

The quality of dental care provided by Costa Rica Dental Teams equals (and even exceeds) that of US dental providers. Our dentists are all highly trained (mostly in the United States) and experienced professionals who use the most advanced technologies and equipment available. They also speak English fluently!

Beautiful Location

While we’re slightly biased, we think it’s impossible to beat Costa Rica for its natural beauty, sunshine and year-round comfortable climate. Little wonder Costa Rica is known as the Happiest Country in the World!

Advanced Technology

To provide the best care possible, Costa Rica Dental Team has invested in the most sophisticated dental equipment and technology available. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art 7,000 sq. feet dental laboratory on-site. Our lab is run by a US dental technician with over 34 years of experience.

Hotel Recommendations

* We offer transportation to and from your appointments from these hotels.

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