3D Scanning

Costa Rica Dental Team is one of the only clinics in Costa Rica using 3D surgical guides for precision placement of dental implants.

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3D Scanning Replaces X-Rays

At Costa Rica Dental Team, we offer our patients the latest state-of-the-science technology that produces both two-dimensional and three-dimensional high-resolution images: the CS 8100 3D. This device is a type of scanner that uses safe, low-radiation x-rays to help your dentist see every part of your teeth and jaws from any angle with an amazing level of accuracy and detail.

Why is this important for our patients?

The CS 8100 3D works differently than traditional x-ray devices. The process involves a simple scan that takes only a few seconds and is entirely pain free. No need to bite down on x-ray molds or to wear protective clothing. The result is a crystal clear 3-dimensional image of your mouth and jawline that gives our dentists an absolutely perfect view of your dental needs. This is the future of dental x-rays…and we offer it TODAY at Costa Rica Dental Team.

What are some other benefits of this incredible scanner?

The most important benefit is accuracy. Our custom software and 3D printer allow us to make 100% accurate 3D surgical guides right in our clinic. When do we use surgical guides? When we place dental implants, it’s critical that the implant is placed precisely. There can be no room for error. Most dental clinics use handmade surgical guides that can result in misplaced implants, unnecessary sutures and inexact results. At Costa Rica Dental Team, our surgical guides are custom fit to each individual patient to ensure an exact placement every time. No scalpels. No stitches. Reduced discomfort and inflammation. Faster recovery time.

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