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Dental Fillings

Unless you have meticulous oral hygiene or a genetic disposition to ward off tooth decay, you’re probably quite familiar with dental fillings. Although silver amalgam is the traditional material for filling the small holes a dentist drills to remove tooth decay, there are now more aesthetically appealing options. While there are some advantages to silver amalgam fillings (chief among them lower cost), we recommend white composite fillings in most cases.

Although they’re called “white composite fillings”, these fillings are actually tinted to match the color of the tooth being filled so that the end result is barely noticeable. The composite material is shaped and bonded to the tooth, restoring most of the tooth’s original strength. Your tooth will be less sensitive to hot and cold food/drink than with amalgam fillings, and because less tooth structure is removed the size of the hole made for the filling is significantly smaller.

As with any dental work, one solution does not work for everyone. Our dentists will discuss your options and make a recommendation best suited for you.


Dental Bondings

If you have small defects in your teeth, such as chips, spots, or gaps between teeth, dental bonding is an excellent solution. While not the best approach for extensive smile makeovers, bondings are well suited for small aesthetic corrections. For more extensive work, porcelain veneers are recommended.

With dental bonding, the tooth’s surface is roughened and etched in preparation for a bonding agent. After the bonding material is in place, the dentist applies a composite material to fill in the missing parts of the tooth. There is quite a bit of artistry involved in matching the composite material’s color and shape to your teeth, and the results we have achieved at Costa Rica Dental Team have been nothing short of spectacular.