Cost of dental implants in Costa Rica

Tooth loss, decay, and damage affect our confidence and quality of life. Dental implants are a fantastic option to improve your smile and enjoy the foods you love. High cost may have prevented you from getting the smile you deserve, but in Costa Rica, you can get quality dental implants at a fraction of the cost of US prices. 

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What is a dental implant?

dental implant is a titanium screw that serves as a tooth root within your jaw. Once the implant is surgically placed, bone cells grow around its threads and over the course of some months harden into bone. The implant then becomes a fixed part of your body and it can be used to support a crown, a bridge, or a denture.

Advantages of dental implants

A dental implant is a great option to replace your missing tooth for several reasons. First of all, it is a long-lasting investment because once the implant is integrated into hard bone it becomes part of you, and with good care it will serve its purpose for many years. Unlike dentures or partials, a dental implant involves inexpensive maintenance, since regular cleanings, brushing, and flossing will do the trick. Finally, since an implant permits an individual restoration, other teeth will not be involved in the replacement of the missing tooth, as in the case of bridges or partials.

Cost for dental implants

Dental implants represent a significant advancement in dental technology, reflecting years of scientific research and innovation by various manufacturers. These implants are meticulously designed beyond being mere titanium screws; they involve careful consideration of shape, material, and placement techniques, all aimed at enhancing success rates and ensuring patient safety.

However, understanding the full cost of dental implants can be complex. Typically, when inquiring about costs, one must consider the entire treatment process, which involves three critical stages: extraction and bone preparation, the surgical placement of the implant, and the final restoration.

The initial stage, extraction and bone preparation, varies per patient. Some might need minimal preparatory work, while others require extensive bone grafts, affecting the cost significantly. In the United States, this stage can range from $2000 to $5500, but in Costa Rica, the cost is considerably lower, ranging between $350 and $2000.

The second stage involves the actual surgical placement of the implant. This cost includes the implant itself and the surgeon’s fees. The choice of brand and technology used can influence this cost. While in the United States the starting price per implant can be around $1500, in Costa Rica, this cost is generally between $800 and $1000.

Finally, the restoration stage is the most varied, as it’s tailored to individual needs. This could be a single crown or a full arch fixed denture. In the United States, a single crown can cost between $1500 to $3000, whereas in Costa Rica, the price ranges from $770 to $1500. For more extensive work like a full arch fixed denture, costs in the United States range from $25,000 to $40,000, while in Costa Rica, it’s possible to have both arches done for the price of one in the United States.

The entire process involves various tools and components like burs, screws, copings, and more, each contributing to the final cost. Thus, when considering dental implants, it’s important to look at the comprehensive cost and not just the price of the implant and surgery.

Dental Procedure United States Costa Rica Duration
Titanium Dental Implant$5,000 $800 1 Day
Abutment and crown $3,950 $770 3-5 days
Crown over implant $1,600 $420 5 Days
Fixed Implant Supported Denture - One Arch (All-on-4) $30,000-$40,000 $13,000-$14,000 8 days
Fixed Implant Supported Denture - Two Arches (Full mouth restoration) $60,000-$80,000 $26,000-$30,000 8 days
dental bone extraction - costa rica dental team

The dental extraction and bone graft

At the Costa Rica Dental Team, we believe in endosteal implants. This means they are placed within the hard bone of your jaw and left to integrate for some months. For this reason, your bone must meet some minimal requirements in order to have a successful implant. Some patients require very little, if any, bone preparation; some require extensive grafts. This happens when you have had bone loss, and your jaw ridge is either too thin or too short to fit the diameter and length of an implant. Similarly, there are some who can get implants immediately and some who cannot. We always try to place your implant on the first visit, except when this might compromise its success. At the Costa Rica Dental Team the cost for bone grafts ranges between $250 and $2000, depending on how extensive the bone reconstruction might be.
dental implant - costa rica dental team

The implant placement

The surgical placement of an implant includes its cost and the surgeon´s fees. Implants are fabricated and distributed by many houses. Their brand may or may not be familiar to you but this and the type of technology employed will influence the final cost. The brand and type, also called system, will be of great importance to the final restoration because their cost and availability will ultimately be transferred to the final price. Common brands in the United States include Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons, Zimmer, Intralock, Straumann and 3i. In the United States, each can start at nearly $1500. In order to keep costs reasonable, we employ brands that are distributed in Costa Rica but available in the United States too. Their cost ranges between $800- $1200.
Dental restoration - costa rica dental team

The final dental restoration

The final restoration is the stage that actually replaces your missing tooth. The implant was placed at bone level and after a few days it will be partially or fully covered with gum tissue. Once the implant has integrated, usually several months after placement, and uncovered, the dentist prepares to place the abutment. This is a part or set of parts that connect the implant to the surface of the mouth and that serves as support for the final restoration, be it a crown, a bridge, or even an implant-supported denture. Now, the abutment must be of the same system as was used for the implant, or they must be compatible. They sometimes even require customization, which may add to the cost. The restorative stage offers the greatest variety of options because this is where it adapts to your needs. For example, if you are missing only one tooth, a crown will suffice. If you are missing three adjacent teeth, a bridge over implants will fill in the gap. If you are missing a whole arch of teeth, an All on 4 or All on 6 will return your smile.

A single crown over implant with us ranges between $700 and $1500. For a full arch fixed denture in Costa Rica you can have the two arches done for the price of one at your local dentist. Keep in mind these fees include the restoration, abutments, and all necessary parts.

Our dentists are concerned that your new teeth have a natural look and feel.  For this reason, at the Costa Rica Dental Team, we use only full-porcelain or ceramic crowns that are custom-made at our onsite lab. For implant-supported dentures, we use high end materials, like the Crystal Ultra, whose functionality and esthetics surpass other materials. Even though you are getting the best quality with us, you will still save considerable money, and with the help of our lab, we can do so at unbeatable turnaround times. The cost for our dental implants make possible for you to settle only for the best.

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