Costa Rica Teeth Whitening,Dental Bleaching,Dental Zoom Whitening


If your teeth have lost some of their sparkle over the years, Costa Rica Dental Team offers a variety of treatments to help restore those pearly whites. Besides whitening teeth that have become discolored due to coffee, tea and tobacco use, we can also brighten smiles that have been darkened by medicines or that are just naturally discolored.

Our professional whitening systems are far more effective than anything you’ll find at your local store. All the products we offer have been proven safe and effective, and they provide long lasting results. We offer both in-office whitening procedures and dentist-prescribed whitening products that can be used at home (either as a primary whitening treatment or for maintenance).

Because there are many reasons why teeth become discolored, it’s advisable to consult with one of our dentists about which teeth whitening solution will work best for you. Our patients have been thrilled with the results we’ve achieved and we think you will be, too.