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Our English-speaking, US trained dentists will provide personal, attentive service in our world-class facilities located in San José, Costa Rica.

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Our dental services are equal or BETTER than most US dentists…at savings of 50%-70% over US dental service prices. Why wait when you can get the smile you want at prices you can afford.

Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Restoration

Get the dental care you need at prices you can afford with Costa Rica Dental Team.


Costa Rica is known as the best destination for dental tourism in the world. Our dental services are equal or BETTER than most US dentists…at savings of 50%-70% over US dental service prices. Why wait when you can get the smile you want at prices you can afford.


Affordable, High-Quality Dental Care with Savings of 50-70% over US Prices!

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, teeth that require replacement, or any of the following needs, you may be a good candidate for dental implants.

Full mouth restoration

More than just looks, restorative dentistry takes into consideration functional as well as esthetic factors to correct damage over any tooth.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown (often referred to as a “cap”) is typically used to restore a tooth that is too badly decayed, broken or cracked to be restored with a filling.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth have lost some of their sparkle over the years, Costa Rica Dental Team offers a variety of treatments to help restore those pearly whites.

3D Scanning

We offer our patients the latest state-of-the-science technology that produces both two-dimensional and three-dimensional high-resolution images: the CS 8100 3D.

Surgical Guides

Surgical Guides take away the guesswork and make give dental surgeons complete confidence in the exact location for placing dental implants.

Full mouth restorations and Dental Implants

At Costa Rica Dental Team, our goal is to give you a beautiful smile…and lots to smile about! Our name says it all. We believe that it takes a team to make you smile. From our friendly dentists, implant specialists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental lab technicians to our front desk staff, medical travel concierge and customer service specialists, we promise to provide you with personal, attentive, professional service and incredible dental care at prices you can smile about.

Cost of dental implants in Costa Rica

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Meet our dentists

With something as important as dental care, the last thing you want is a language barrier between you and your dentist. In order to provide the most comfortable dental experience possible, all our dentists and staff speak fluent English.

Dr Natalie Vitola, DDS

She has now more than ten years of experience. You will be impressed by her talent and the beauty of her work.

Dr Jessica Mora, DDS

We are proud of the reputation Dr. Jessica Mora has earned in her particular niche of cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Mauricio Briceño, DDS

Dr. Mauricio Briceño has been extensively trained in periodontics and maxilliofacial surgery.

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