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Nuestros dentistas de habla inglesa y capacitados en los EE. UU. brindarán un servicio personalizado y atento en nuestras instalaciones de clase mundial ubicadas en San José, Costa Rica.

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Nuestros servicios dentales son iguales o MEJORES que la mayoría de los dentistas de EE. UU. … con ahorros del 50% al 70% sobre los precios de los servicios dentales de EE. UU. ¿Por qué esperar cuando puede obtener la sonrisa que desea a precios asequibles?

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Es simple: si por alguna razón tiene un problema con algún trabajo dental realizado por Costa Rica Dental Team, haremos lo que sea necesario para corregir el problema.

Ofrecemos esta increíble garantía de reemplazo de 10 años porque confiamos en la alta calidad de nuestro trabajo y queremos que tenga total confianza en su decisión de elegir Costa Rica Dental Team.

Stacy Webb
Stacy Webb
Costa Rica dental is amazing. I absolutely abhor going to the dentist after what they did to me in the states. Dr Jessica was so perfect in how she took care of everything. She was upfront in what we could or couldnt do right now. Paola and Danilea up front were amazing as well. I spoke with them many times with questions before i booked my flight. I had to have two root canals because of the Texas dentist’ mistakes and surgery on another. They got it all done and ready to come back for my implants. You cant ask for better care than here.
Kim Crenshaw
Kim Crenshaw
The doctors and dentists here are simply the best. I have had horrific experiences in my life with dental problems and have extremely high anxiety about getting dental work done. On this vist I had 2 crowns and 2 implants done. I experienced no pain at all after the crowns and just the smallest amount after 2 implants. Both procedures took less than a hour. Everyone here is very caring and the practice is spotless and have better equipment than most dentists in the states. I know that I will always be getting my dental work here from now own. The cherry on the top is the work I've had done here was 70 percent less than what i would have paid back home.
Kate Oubre
Kate Oubre
WOW 🤩 I’m a 64 year old RN. I did my research and determined Costa Rica Dental Team would be the best choice for my dental needs. So I leapt forward and scheduled a trip to Costa Rica. That was the best decision I’ve made concerning my dental health needs. First of all, the staff was very friendly, supportive, professional and knowledgeable. Not at any time did I feel that my needs were not being met. Every appointment that was scheduled, I didn’t mind going. No dental nervousness or regrets. After all the work was completed, I grouped texted my family and they were all happy and pleased with what they’ve seen. Several asked for information for themselves. They said looks like I had reconstructive surgery done too (I didn’t) and look younger ❤️. There was care put into my dental correctives that made me look younger ❤️. Now I love my new look, smile and enjoy eating all at the same time 😃💯
Malea Jo
Malea Jo
I had the most welcoming , supportive experience here!! I was so afraid of getting work done but they made me comfortable gave me multiple options of procedures they could do for me that would work best with my features already ! 10/10 the best staff and the best driver! This is what home feels like !
Nina Segal
Nina Segal
Perfection! Dr Jessica Mora is simply the best. Quality at an exceptional price with true kindhearted people. Highly recommend!!!!
We were introduced to CR Dental Team by friends a few years ago and have been back multiple times since! From cleanings, to finishing up my implant and now just a few days ago - veneers for my sister, we are over the top satisfied. Dr. Cheryl and her Assistant Daniela went above above for the veneer process, both knowledgeable and compassionate. They took their time to walk her through the steps and make her feel comfortable. Julio from the lab took his time making all adjustments and polishing for her which was appreciated. The process all began with Evelyn’s help from the start. We spoke several times prior to her veneers, she was sweet, understanding, accommodating and had a thorough response to every question we had. Coming from the States, it is intimidating to go to a foreign country for dental work; though I highly recommend visiting for any and all of your dental needs. Just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone. My sisters veneers came out beautiful, they are life changing.
k j
k j
Everyone!… This is the place to come for your dental needs. What a team! Let me tell ya. They are masters in this field. Do not get scammed in our state, wait! most likely you’ve been scammed like I was and sometimes you might don’t realize that you keep seeing the dentist with the same or worse dental issues than when you started like “ghostly made up issues” Here, at this dental office, you will leave with NO DENTAL ISSUES ever again! Obviously, one also has to have discipline with their mouth. What an Angel Hands they all have! From the office to the driver and forth. Excellent team! PS food street is not cheap. It is worth staying at a hotel that has a restaurant. Everyone is priced as if you were at the state. However, if you eat out American chain restaurant could be your best bet!
k j
k j
Don’t get your dentist work in the states. If you feel subjugated like I was for years. Save up and go to Costa Rica Dental Team, if you can. I was put through a lot of stress for years no matter how much I paid and always ended up worse then when I started. Here at this dentist office I got the top of the line dentists and specialist. Also, the office team and driver were absolutely helpful and pleasant. PS “The Deep Cleaning” your dentist requests for you to do or else you would die of gum disease etc plus another bunch of things it is 100% flat lies unless, you convince yourself obviously that you were never hygienic with your teeth, then that’s another subject to discuss. Either or, DO NOT get scammed in the states. Endure the trip, find affordable logging by asking your coordinator though, it should be a medical trip not a fun trip, so you can get the work done. Do not discourage Anyhow! Happy Smiles….to you all


Qué ofrecemos

Implantes dentales

Si le faltan dientes, dientes que requieren reemplazo o cualquiera de las siguientes necesidades, puede ser un buen candidato para los implantes dentales.

Restauración bucal completa

Más que solo apariencia, la odontología restauradora toma en consideración factores funcionales y estéticos para corregir el daño en cualquier diente.

Coronas y puentes

Una corona (a menudo denominada «tapa») se usa típicamente para restaurar un diente que está demasiado deteriorado, roto o agrietado para ser restaurado con un empaste.

Blanqueamiento dental

Si sus dientes han perdido algo de su brillo a lo largo de los años, Costa Rica Dental Team ofrece una variedad de tratamientos para ayudar a restaurar esas perlas blancas.

3D escaneo

Ofrecemos a nuestros pacientes la última tecnología de vanguardia que produce imágenes de alta resolución tanto bidimensionales como tridimensionales: el CS 8100 3D.

Guías quirurgicas

Las guías quirúrgicas eliminan las conjeturas y brindan a los cirujanos dentales total confianza en la ubicación exacta para colocar los implantes dentales.

Restauraciones bucales completas
Implantes dentales

En Costa Rica Dental Team, nuestra meta es darte una hermosa sonrisa…y muchas razones para sonreír! Nuestro nombre lo dice todo. Nosotros creemos que se requiere un equipo para hacerte sonreír. Desde nuestros amigables dentistas, especialistas en implantes, higienistas dentales, asistentes y técnicos del laboratorio dental hasta nuestro equipo de atención, consejeros de viajes médicos y especialistas en servicio al cliente, prometemos proveerte con personal, atención, servicio profesional e increíbles cuidados dentales a precios que te harán sonreír.


Temas dentales populares


Conozca a nuestros dentistas

Con algo tan importante como el cuidado dental, lo último que desea es una barrera del idioma entre usted y su dentista. Con el fin de brindar la experiencia dental más cómoda posible, todos nuestros dentistas y personal hablan inglés con fluidez.

Dra Natalie Vitola, DDS

Ella tiene ahora más de diez años de experiencia. Quedará impresionado por su talento y la belleza de su trabajo.

Dra Jessica Mora, DDS

Estamos orgullosos de la reputación que la Dra. Jessica Mora se ha ganado en su nicho particular de odontología cosmética.

Dr Mauricio Briceño, DDS

El Dr. Mauricio Briceño tiene una amplia formación en periodoncia y cirugía maxilofacial.

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