Why can’t I just remove all my teeth?

Why can’t I just remove all my teeth

It is surprising how often we hear that it is easier to extract all teeth (even if a lot of them are healthy) and replace them with fixed implant-supported dentures. Although this is a great option for some people who have already lost all or most of their teeth because it gives them the opportunity to have a normal diet and lifestyle, but it is not for everyone. Of course, we understand the reasoning behind the idea:

  1. A lot of times another treatment plan would simply be unaffordable.
  2. Patients just want a fresh start.
  3. Patients want a flawless smile.
  4. It seems it is easy and a quick treatment.
  5. Patient don’t know their options.

An implant-supported denture, also known as the All on 4 or All on 5 is a fixed denture supported by 4 or 5 dental implants. These have a horseshoe shape and have no palate covering. Among the full-arch prosthesis, this is best way to replace teeth because it is what looks and feels the most like natural teeth. An implant-supported denture allows the intake of most foods and simulates the chewing process better than any other type of removable teeth replacement.

There are some people who think wearing dentures is the end of routine cleanings, cavities, and dental care in general. However, the truth is nothing can feel and act as well as natural teeth.  Even high-end materials like zirconium have certain restrictions and require regular care. In addition, dental implants demand extreme cleanliness because plaque and bacteria can cause bone loss and general implant failure in the long run if not cleaning regularly and properly.  

Natural teeth vs Dentures

Our dentists will always try to preserve and restore natural teeth for as long as their condition has a relatively positive prognosis. This is because each tooth has a unique function in the mouth. Loosing even one tooth will impact the position, function, and stability of all surrounding teeth. In a similar way, natural teeth are directly related with a good quality of life and general health. It is therefore preferable to save natural teeth for as long as it is reasonable and possible. Sometimes even damaged natural teeth can be saved and protected with dental crowns, and this would give them many more years of proper function. Extraction should only be an option if the tooth is so damaged that investing on it would be too much of a risk.

The All on 4 may seem like an appealing way to get a quick new smile, but if most of your teeth are in a salvageable condition, we can achieve a similar result using permanent crowns, veneers, or a combination of both. These can achieve optimal results in even less time than a full mouth extraction.

We are a dental clinic located in San Jose, Costa Rica that specializes in this kind of full mouth restoration and esthetic dentistry. We love to change lives by offering our patients the smile they have always dreamed of at an affordable price. With our treatments, you could either save 50-70% or get better-quality dental work, or both! Feel free to contact us for a free quote! We would love to discuss the options that best suit you and your dental needs.

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