Is it worth coming to Costa Rica for dental work?

There are many reasons why it is totally worth it to visit Costa Rica for dental work. Costa Rica is a small country located in the middle of Central America. Known for its beautiful and varied landscapes, it is also known to be a peaceful nation filled with friendly people. It is a short flight away from the United States and Canada, making it convenient for treatments that require multiple visits. Costa Rica is a great option to consider when thinking of adventuring into dental tourism. Here are a few advantages Costa Rica has over other destinations.

  1. There is no political unrest or concerns about personal security. Many years ago, Costa Ricans opted to disarm the nation completely by not having an army. The idea was to redirect all those funds to the public education and health systems. For this reason, civil unrest is rare, and all quarrels are resolved peacefully. The appreciation of peace is engrained into the hearts of most ticos, which is why personal security is seldom an issue. This also translates into a friendly and open population.
  2. Costa Rica has very high medical standards. As mentioned before, a large portion of all the money in Costa Rica is dedicated to health and education. For this reason, Costa Rica excels among other countries in Latin American with the best hospitals and the best universities. In addition, there are government entities that regulate and enforce rules that guarantee safe and clean environments, especially in medically-oriented locations like clinics and hospitals.  These entities also regulate medical licenses and require continuous education for practicing medical personnel. There are all ways to keep medical malpractice in check.
  3. Costa Rica is also a great place to vacation in. There is such a variety of locations to visit that there is always something for everyone. There are two international airports: one in Liberia (LIR) which is in the northern part of the country and is very close to the best beaches, and another in San Jose (SJO) which is the capital city of Costa Rica. There are also domestic flights that can take you to other corners of the nation. Popular destinations include Puerto Viejo in the Caribbean, Arenal volcano in San Carlos, the Chirripó volcano (the highest point in Costa Rica), Manuel Antonio, Dominical, and Uvita beaches to the south, and the Monteverde cloud rainforest in Puntarenas.
  4. The cost for dental treatments in Costa Rica can be about half the price of equivalent treatments in the United States and Canada. It is no surprise that the prohibitive costs of dental treatments at home will incite you to consider other options. The lower costs of living and operation in Costa Rica translate into lower prices for the same treatments. Another way to look at it is that for roughly the same amount of money, you can get better quality treatments or just more treatments altogether.

Costa Rica is a great place to visit if you are considering extensive dental treatments. Thousands of patients visit us yearly because they thought so and have had positive experiences. We are a dental office located in San Jose and have more than 12 years´ experience in full mouth reconstructions and cosmetic dental treatments. Our friendly and fully bilingual team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of visiting us. Contact us now to find out how it all works!

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