Inflation and Dental Treatment

Inflation in the United States has definitely taken its toll over most services and products. In the dental practices all over the country, by June 2022 dental services have gone up nearly 9.1% if compared to last year 2021, which makes it the largest1 12-month increase in three decades. According to the American Dental Association ADA this dramatic increase in the costs of dental care is due to the rise in costs of even the most basic instruments at a dental practice. Unfortunately, this is a trend that does not appear to get better in the immediate months. For the patients, this only means that dental work at home may go slower, become stalled, or even postponed indefinitely. The slower demand on dental services may also trigger an even more dramatic rise in costs.

This is why so many Americans are considering flying overseas to get their much-needed dental work. In other countries, patients can get a vacation, get their dental work done, cover airfare and hotels and still save money. Here is a small overview of the savings per procedure:

Dental Procedure USA 2022 Fees Costa Rica Fees
Full oral evaluation $178 $100
Diagnostic x-ray $200.00 $50 or less
Cleaning $120 $80
Resin Composite $200 – $400 $60 – $180
Ceramic/Porcelain Crown including Core Buildup $1,800 $500
Temporary Crown $550.00 $375
Root Canal $900 – $1300 $400 – $500
Crown Lengthening $900 $300
Bone Graft Starting at $780 $500

But Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is located in the middle of Central America. However, it stands aside from its neighbors in that it is a country focused on peace and education. Costa Rica does not have an army and instead has decided to invest in healthcare and education for the young. For this reason, Costa Rica has one of the best healthcare systems in the region. It is also at a 2-3-hour flight from the closest airports from the United States. However, the best reason to choose Costa Rica for your dental work is that there is so much to see in it. There are volcanoes, stunning views, cloud forests, waterfalls, unique fauna, resorts, world-class beaches, fishing, and so much more! This why so many fellow Americans choose Costa Rica to live in.

Don’t let the rising costs of living in the United States deter you from getting the dental care you need. Consider Costa Rica as an option for safe, affordable, quality dental care. Most patients coming from overseas have never looked back. We are the Costa Rica Dental Team, a dental office located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our office was one of the pioneers in dental tourism, with more than 12 years’ experience in helping patients come from the United States, Canada, and all over the world to get extensive dental treatments in Costa Rica. We can guide you through the entire process in order to make it a seamless experience. Contact us now to find out how you can make the most out of your visit.

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