How much money can I save with dental tourism in Costa Rica?

save money with dental tourism costa rica

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in the costs of medical and dental treatments in North America. The high price on treatments affects the options on quality treatments received or causes undue delays in receiving opportune care. Both of these can in the long run cause more problems and more costs. Does this sound familiar? Over the last decade, medical practices have been standardized in many countries and you can now receive the same quality of care as you would in the United States or Canada. Affordable prices are simply the result of a cheaper cost of living.

Why Costa Rica?

There are many countries that have developed a great reputation for medical tourism. Costa Rica is among the top 5 destinations because of its proximity (it is only a 2-hour flight from Orlando) and high medical standards (even state-funded care is among the best in the world). Costa Rican people are also very friendly, open, and generally bilingual. There are thousands of local destinations and a great variety of ecosystems. In a matter of a few miles, you can travel from the beach to a volcano or from a river to a cloud forest. There is always something new to see! Finally, regular American currency is a widely accepted payment method as well as all major credit card companies.

So, how much will I save?

There are studies that show patients can save between 50-70% in their dental treatments by having them in Costa Rica. An average implant with a crown can cost between $3000 and $5000 USD while having it in Costa Rica, using a similar brand, can cost between $1200 and $1500. Similarly, a full-porcelain crown can cost somewhere between $800 and $2000 per unit while in Costa Rica you can get the same crown for somewhere between $400 and $600 per unit. Finally, the cost for a single root canal treatment in the United States can cost between $600 to $1400 while in Costa Rica you can have it for $300 to $450. These are some good savings! In addition, most clinics will accommodate their turnaround times to your flight schedules, meaning you will see results faster. In dental tourism clinics, there is no time waste. This, in turn, means savings in hotel and food expenses as well as time away from work.

Costa Rica Dental Team is a dental clinic with more than 10 years of experience in full mouth restorations using dental crowns, implants and dentures, all of which have a 10-year warranty. We have spent these years changing lives and providing an opportunity to thousands of patients who have received the treatment they deserve at a reasonable and affordable price.  We are located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Contact us to find out how we can change your life!

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