Costa Rica: among the best locations for medical attention during the pandemic

Costa Rica Dental services during the pandemic

The year 2020 brought challenges and changes in daily living. However, studies have shown that the pandemic will not keep patients from receiving the medical care they need. Whereas millions of Americans suffered from financial restrictions to receive medical attention and thousand others have had their treatments postponed, other countries are offering cost-effective and safe options. Costa Rica is among the countries that have always excelled in the quality of its medical attention. In times of pandemic, it is no exception. Thanks to a collaboration between the government and health institutions, Covid-19 prevention measures have become a standard in almost all areas of the population. Hospitals and clinics undergo even more rigorous sanitary measures to ensure the safety of both patients and medical staff. Nonetheless, the internationally-renowned quality of the medical services remains the same. Now that medical treatments in the United States have become largely inaccessible for so many people, getting it overseas is a reality.

Since November 2020, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute has welcomed all tourists flying to Costa Rica by removing the mandatory quarantine and RT- PCR tests from the entry requirements. Currently, the only entry requirements are a digital form that will be available 48 hours before boarding and mandatory international insurance that covers costs of medical treatment for Covid-19 and any extended lodging. Even if international insurance is not available, there are local insurance options offered at the two international airports. In addition, most airlines have retaken regular flights to Costa Rica keeping the sanitary measures. Among these are American Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Spirit, and United Airlines. Costa Rican airports also have strict measures like social distancing, temperature checks, and the mandatory use of approved face masks. Whether traveling for health purposes, for fun, or both tourists will be welcomed as warmheartedly as ever. 

In America, Costa Rica and Mexico rank among the most popular destinations for medical or dental treatments. This is because their health facilities are accredited to meet equivalent (or even better) health standards as those in the United States, and they do so, while saving patients 40-70% in fees. It is also a great opportunity for a vacation after several months of lockdown. Costa Rica is full of majestic natural landscapes and outdoor activities that are safe to enjoy even in times of pandemic. In fact, the government allowed national parks to operate at 100% capacity since February 2021. Beaches are now open during all daylight hours as well.

As regards the dental area of the healthcare system, clinics are just as prepared as larger hospitals to provide safe treatment due to strict sanitary protocols. Costa Rica is well known for the high quality of dental restorations like implants, crowns, partials and dentures. It is also well known for cosmetic and specialty dental services such as veneers and dental surgery simply because the best materials and techniques are available at an affordable price.

Are you in need of dental treatment? Has your treatment been postponed during the last year and the problem is now becoming urgent? There is no need to wait for the pandemic to end or to settle for less than the best treatment. At the Costa Rica Dental Team, we are able to provide the best dental service in the shortest turnaround times because we work with an in-house dental lab. Contact us now for more information on our world-class service.

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