7 Reasons to Get Dental Work in Costa Rica - Save 50 - 70%!

7 Reasons to Get Dental Work in Costa Rica

There are many countries that are dedicating themselves to attend patients from all around the world. Both in the dental and medical arena, Costa Rica is one of the most common destinations to get work at fees that generally are near half the cost of the same treatment at their home countries.  But what is so great about dental tourism? Patients are finding that they can find the same or even better quality and attention elsewhere at affordable prices.  In addition, there are offices dedicated to welcome these patients and offer bonus services to facilitate their trip.  Here are seven great reasons to choose Costa Rica as your dental work destination.

Save on dental costs

Dental fees are regulated by the National Board of Dentists in order to ensure dentists charge fair prices to all. However, these are still a good deal for tourists and nationals alike. With rising costs and unaffordable rates at home, you can save 50-60% in dental treatments.

Save time

Clinics focusing on dental tourism understand patients cannot stay for many weeks at a time due to work, family, and financial considerations.  For this reason, they work hard to cut down turnaround times. You will generally have completed work in one or two weeks.

Costa Rica is close

There are many airlines that fly to Costa Rica daily, and from Miami and Fort Lauderdale the flight is only a few hours long. During the low season, also rates can be very affordable. Take your time and look for the best travel rates.

Qualified and educated dentists

Costa Rican dentists undergo several examinations before getting their practicing license. Actually, many of them have been trained overseas. Also, continual education is very valued, as new technologies are constantly welcomed and implemented into the nation. Costa Rica is a nation that appreciates science and medical novelty. Among the Central American countries, it boasts one of the most advanced medical systems. You can verify if your dentist is certified as a licensed dentist at the Costa Rican Board of Dentists.  

Fluent communication

Clinics specialized in dental tourism make sure communication is not a complication. The entire staff should be able to speak fluent English. Also, you do not even have to convert US dollars into the Costa Rican colon, as they are generally able to accept American currency. They also permit payments with any credit or debit card in case you do not bring cash.

Specialists are available

There are all types of licensed specialties available among practicing dentists. Generally, clinics will have on-call specialists at hand in case the need arises. There are very talented and skillful implantologists, periodontists, TMJ specialists, endodontists, and prosthodontists, among others.

Beautiful vacation destination

Another benefit of coming to Costa Rica for dental treatment is that you can take advantage of your trip in order to visit one of the most luxurious natural landscapes in Central America. There are impressive mountains, beautiful cloud forests, and white-sanded beaches to visit. There is also a rich biodiversity to explore.  You can take advantage of your dental trip to make it also a vacation.

Costa Rica is one of the best places to go to if you have a dental need because even though you are saving money you are not sacrificing quality. We are the Costa Rica Dental Team, a dental clinic located in the eastern part of San Jose. We have been operating now for more than 10 years attending patients from all around the world who need extensive dental work. If you are considering flying overseas for dental treatment contact us, and we will answer your questions.