Costa Rica: 3rd Best Healthcare in the World

Costa Rica Best Healthcare in the World

As prices for healthcare in the United States and Canada increase, more and more patients seek options overseas. Both in the medical and dental arena, there are countries that excel in the quality of care they offer to their general population and make it accessible for foreigners too. Only recently, International Living Magazine conducted research to create an index of the best countries to retire in. One of the categories within this survey examines the quality and affordability of healthcare. For 2020, they published the top five best healthcare systems in the world, and, yes, Costa Rica is in it.  It ranked third place as providing the best healthcare worldwide and as the best country for retirees.

The Index was compiled, they say, through rigorous evaluations. For the healthcare category, they took into consideration whether hospitals possess international accreditation, whether there are bilingual doctors available, whether common medications are easily accessible, and whether there is a continual upgrading in the best practices and technology. Costa Rica excels in every way. Not only does it offer quality care to its citizens and residents but also possesses impressive biodiversity, great climate, and beautiful landscapes.  This is why so many people are choosing it as a medical alternative.

As one of the first dental clinics in Costa Rica to receive tourists, we have seen the growing need for dental care in the American and Canadian population.  We have also seen thousands of patients accept the adventure and then love it. Patients are so impressed with Costa Rican health standards that even if they come for dental treatments they explore other medical procedures that they would otherwise be unable to receive back home. We have also seen patients who have visited the emergency room at a Costa Rican hospital and come out satisfied.

There was one occasion in which a patient got food poisoning just before flying over to Costa Rica. Once he arrived, he spent many days ill and did not seem to get any better. As soon as we found out, we sent him with our driver to a nearby medical clinic where he was promptly attended by a physician. He was immediately put on intravenous saline drip to prevent dehydration and was referred to several testings. He was also administered medications to reverse the poisoning.  It took about all morning, but he started feeling better almost immediately. Our patient mentioned he was surprised at the prompt attention he got. He expected to pay several thousand dollars for the consultation, the IV, the medications, and the tests but was amazed when he was charged around $200.

Dentistry is one of the many branches for which the Costa Rican healthcare system excels. At the Costa Rica Dental Team we have a fully-bilingual staff that will guide you through the treatment. They are both very friendly and caring. We give patients individual and personalized attention. Our facility is also equipped with the latest technology in implant planning, x-rays, and digital scanning. Our final products are custom made using the best materials and the fastest turnaround times. Finally, we do so at prices 50 to 70% less in comparison to treatments at home. What are you waiting for? Contact us now to find out more about the benefits of dental care in Costa Rica.

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