5 steps to choose the best dentist in Costa Rica

the best dentist in Costa Rica

Costa Rica prides itself to be a country that excels in its high education. Among dentists all over the world, Costa Rican dentists stand out for their keen attention to detail and their quality work. If you are looking to start dental treatment in the near future, you are making a sensible decision that can save you thousands of dollars. However, even after narrowing down your options to one country, there are still so many options! Here is guide to help you choose the best dentist for you in Costa Rica.

Step 1: Take a look at credentials

Costa Rican dentists undergo several examinations before getting their practicing license. Some of them have completed specialties overseas. Also, continual education is very valued, as new technologies are constantly welcomed and implemented into the nation. Costa Rica is a nation that appreciates science and medical novelty. Among the Central American countries, it boasts one of the most advanced medical systems. You can verify if your dentist is certified as a licensed dentist at the Costa Rican Board of Dentists.  If you are looking for a specialist you can also verify that. Remember there are many specialties within dentistry and that you must find an appropriate doctor for your situation. If you’re not sure, you can go to a general dentist and he can refer you to an appropriate specialist.

Step 2: Verify your dentists’ experience

Look for reviews from other patients. Ask around for this person’s reputation and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for references of your dentist’s work. In dentistry, practice is everything. There are general dentists who have so much expertise in complex cases that they are able to complete them as successfully as many certified specialists.

Step 3: Make sure communication is fluent

Make sure your dentist is fluent in English. Not only will you need to effectively communicate with him directly but also with the entire team. Imagine having a question on billing or your next appointment and not being able to get clear answers? There are dental clinics that are used to receiving tourists on a daily or weekly basis. These clinics are completely bilingual and have good experience guiding you through a smooth trip.

Step 4: Choose your best location

Costa Rica has two international airports. Make sure you fly to the airport closest to your chosen dental clinic. Do not expect to travel because both cost and time can rapidly come out of hand. If you decide to go to San José, ask where the clinic is located and try to stay close. Most of them will have hotel recommendations that you can choose from.

Step 5: Discuss turnaround times

Although most dentists will deliver good quality products and results, not all of them will do so in the same amount of time. Some dentists have inhouse dental labs that allow them to deliver results in less time. Make sure the facilities are fully equipped in diagnostic or radiographic equipment, which can save a lot of time too. Remember, even if the costs are more affordable, time spent overseas is money as well.

Costa Rica is one of the best places to go to if you have a dental need because even though you are saving money you are not sacrificing quality. We are the Costa Rica Dental Team, a dental clinic located on the eastern part of San Jose. We have team of great dentists and specialists who have been operating now for more than 10 years attending patients from all around the world who need extensive dental work. If you are considering flying overseas for dental treatment, contact us, and we will answer your questions.

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