3 reflections as a leading dental tourism clinic in Costa Rica

When the Costa Rica Dental Team opened its doors around 15 years ago, dental tourism was an altogether new concept both in the United States and in Costa Rica. We were the first dental office to bring this option to patients who had a sore need for full mouth restorations but were barred from doing so at home due to the high price points. Over the years, we have encountered all sorts of cases, simple and complex, and we have given back smiles to hundreds of patients. Many of them are returning patients whom we see every year, while some others who have completed their treatments return every couple of years for checkups and preventative work. We have strived to bring out our best for each patient giving him the attention that he or she needs and offering solutions to their dental problems in a responsible and professional manner. Based on the experience of these 15 years, here are 3 thoughts that can help anyone considering visiting Costa Rica for dental work.

1. Dental and medical tourism is here to stay.

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Costa Rica alone now receives thousands of patients seeking to pursue treatments here. This has revolutionized the industry both in the public and the private spheres as the need for specialized and bilingual doctors becomes more pressing. In the practice of dentistry, specifically within the community of dentists that attend patients coming from other countries, we truly believe we rival and at times surpass the attention, quality, and expertise of the average dental office in the United States. We have also found that dentists in Costa Rica are far more caring, conscientious and detail oriented. Finally, the advanced technology and the state-of-the-art equipment available in Costa Rica have lifted the apprehensions or objections that used to exist 15 years ago as we offer better services and use better materials while patients pay less money. It is a win-win.

    2. Full mouth restorations are not painless, but they can change your life.

    Costa Rica Full Mouth Restoration

    A full mouth restoration is a treatment plan that involves using multiple elements and disciplines to restore the functionality and looks of all or most of your teeth. This is when we cannot solve an individual issue, as this would not solve your dental problem, but must think of the mouth as a whole to make it work. It is common to employ various elements like porcelain crowns, dental implants, bridges or extractions. As such, they involve a lot of work, not only for the dentist but also for the patient who must endure sometimes many hours on the chair and go through a healing process with patience. However, by the end of this process you will see an enormous change. We have seen patients who seldom smiled say they cannot stop smiling. We have also seen patients who could not eat gain much needed weight. Luckily, there are now ways to deal with the pain such as IV sedation and tranquilizers, which make the process smoother. 

    3. Dental labs are the greatest ally for dentists.

    Dental labs are where all the prosthetics are fabricated. These can be crowns, porcelain veneers, fixed All on 4 dentures, or mouthguards. The key to high quality work is that the lab uses high quality materials and modern technology. The Costa Rica Dental Team has worked with the same lab since we opened our doors and trust not only their work but also their technicians, which is why we are able to offer our emblematic 10-year warranty. These technicians are also part of why our patients’ experience is so positive, for they put in their heart and knowledge even from the design of the prosthetic going into your mouth. In fact, in the quest for perfection, we have even had these technicians come into the room so they can really have a hands-on view of the patient´s situation and work accordingly. This is why having an onsite lab is so unique, for it allows for personalization to the utmost degree.

    During all these years, we like to remind ourselves why we love what we do. Not only is every day a new challenge but also a new lesson. This experience allows us to tackle even the most complex cases and be a part of a new stage for our patients. We know that the idea of flying to another country to meet a team of dentists can seem daunting, but this is why we like to be with you in every step, reassuring you from the beginning and unto the end of the treatment. Are you curious to know how this works and be a part of our story? Contact us now to find out.

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