Why Choose Costa Rica for Dental Tourism?

There are many countries marketing themselves as top destinations for dental and medical tourism. The decision can be overwhelming amidst so many and varied offers. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and safe countries in the world. It is a small nation located in the middle of Central America that has set itself apart from its neighboring countries. Because of its closeness to the United States and Canada, 2-3 hours away from the nearest American airport, it is also a popular touristic and retirement destination. Here are six reasons to trust Costa Rica for its medical and dental services.

  1. Superior Quality. Costa Rica is renowned for its superior medical standards. Its hospitals and clinics must maintain high levels of hygiene protocols as well as continuous technology development in order to function. The result is medical care that rivals that of North America. Foreigners are allowed to partake from this quality medical and dental care and this possibility started the medical tourism movement. Thousands of patients visit Costa Rica for medical and dental services as well as cosmetic, fertility, and hormone treatments.
  2. Personal Safety. Costa Rica distinguishes itself from its neighboring countries in safety. Here crime rates are lower than many American cities. In fact, the stability of the nation is such that it abolished its army since 1948, which has had a direct impact on the Costa Rican society. Most patients experience the feeling of safety and peace that here prevails. Costa Rica is often called the Central American Switzerland.
  3. Friendly People. Costa Rica has a 99 percent literacy rate, higher than the United States. The “Ticos” are known for being very well-educated, respectful, and friendly people. Many tourists get surprised by the dedicated and personalized services in Costa Rica. In here, people are not simply numbers.
  4. Reasonable Cost. Due to lower living costs, medical and dental services can be obtained at reasonable prices, and many tourists have found considerable savings in comparison with equivalent services in North America. Depending on the region, patients can save 50 to70 percent in their dental treatment and get sometimes even superior quality.
  5. Impressive views. Costa Rica has landscapes that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.  25 percent of the country is made up of national parks and protected areas. There is also a variety of ecosystems. Tourists can enjoy world-class beaches, visit volcanoes, do canopy, visit coffee and rose plantations, explore the wide diversity of flora and fauna. In addition, the near-perfect weather remains most of the year the same even within the city.
  6. Convenient Location. As said previously, Costa Rica is not more than three hours away from the Miami airport, which is considerably closer than most dental tourism options. This can be good for full-mouth restorations, which usually require multiple visits, or for periodic checkups.

Coming to Costa Rica in search for quality and affordable dental care seems straightforward. The Costa Rica Dental Team was one of the first clinics in the nation to attend dental tourists. We have been working with happy patients for now 10 years. Please contact us for a world-class dental service.

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