Costa Rica Dental Tourism, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Full Mouth Restoration

The first steps toward dental tourism

If you have decided to come to Costa Rica for dental care, the Costa Rica Dental Team is ready to not only give you a warm welcome to our beautiful country but also to provide a world-class service in cosmetic dentistry, as well as implants and full mouth restoration services. Traveling abroad for medical or dental care, commonly referred to as dental or medical tourism, can sometimes seem a daunting experience that requires considerable planning. Although the Costa Rica Dental Team is happy to assist you during the treatment and trip planning, there are some things you must arrange on your own.

Dental treatments often require about a week, but you can plan your vacation the way it suits you best. You could have your treatment and then head towards Costa Rica´s beautiful beaches for some days, or you could vacation first and then come to the Costa Rica Dental Team clinic. The length of your vacation depends also on you. If the treatment lasts five days, you could extend your stay how many days you want to explore our stunning country.

However, there are things you must look into prior to your visit:

  1. Travel documentation. In order to come to Costa Rica, you must have a valid passport. Make sure the expiration date is more than six months away from your expected departure date, as it can cause problems in the airport. If you do not have a passport yet, please consider it can take up to two months to be issued.
  2. The flight arrangements. Costa Rica has two international airports, one in Liberia
    (LIR) in Guanacaste, and another in San Jose (SJO). The Juan Santamaría Airport in San Jose is the largest and the one conveniently located closest to our dental clinic. There are many airlines, price ranges, and itineraries to choose from. If you have any doubts as far as scheduling, you can always ask us. However, you must purchase your flights on your own.
  3. Scheduling. We recommend you to contact us before booking your flights in order to design a workable schedule. If you plan to do day tours during the days of treatment, avoid pre-paying because dental procedures are unpredictable and appointment schedule can change as the treatment progresses.
  4. Accommodations. We have a list of recommended hotels, of which some of them give our patients special rates. If you have a favorite hotel, make sure it is within our pickup range. You can ask us if it is before you book it. For your dental treatment, we recommend staying close by because traffic in San Jose can sometimes be extenuating.
  5. Transportation. If this is the first time you come to Costa Rica, we recommend avoiding renting a car. Getting around in San Jose can be frustrating to someone unacquainted with its roads and its rush hours. This is the reason we offer free transportation to and from the appointments. We can also help with arrangements from the airport to your hotel. Now, for transportation to day tours or tourist attractions, you must procure your own transportation, but we can help with contacts. Hotels usually offer tour options with transportation.

Dental tourism is an adventure and it can be an awesome and money-saving experience! We at the Costa Rica Dental Team are ready to help you achieve that. Contact us if you are interested in exploring a world-class dental care in our beautiful country.