The best time to visit Costa Rica

best time of the year to visit costa rica

 Costa Rica is a beautiful country at all times of the year. There are many factors to consider when planning your trip to Costa Rica besides work or family availability. Whether you are coming for dental or medical treatment, vacations or both, knowing the best time of the year to travel can make a big difference in your experience. It all depends on what you are looking for. Costa Rica offers different ecosystems, weathers and temperatures. You can travel to the beach, to cloud rainforests and volcanoes on a single visit. You can see rich, exuberant green landscapes and also humid, tropical landscapes. Since so many patients want to make the most out of their visit, a common question we get is what the best time of the year is to come to Costa Rica. Our answer is all the time!

Costa Rica and most Central American countries only have two seasons: rainy and dry. However, for some parts of Costa Rica, we have only rainy and rainier season. This means these areas receive rain year-round, which characterizes them as evergreen areas. The Caribbean and some volcanoes  receive the highest amount of rainfall with more than 260 in. yearly. The northern Pacific part is dryer and receives less than 60in a year. The capital city areas receive between 80 and 100 in. Dry season generally goes between mid November until May and rainy season extends from May until mid November. These changes bring benefits that suit every interest.

Dry season

By far, the best time of the year to visit beaches is during the dry season, especially those in the south Pacific.  There are no significant changes in daylight and the bright sun and a blue sky will bring about the best experience. Dry season will also ideal to explore the Caribbean. Remember this will be high seasons for hotels and airfare, so this means higher prices and occupancy. Nonetheless, you will have more time to explore and engage in activities. The dry season is also the best time to visit volcanoes and mountains because it is when there is the most visibility. Usually, all outdoor activities, social or otherwise, are planned during these months

Rainy season

If you want to see nature in full splendor, the best time to visit is during rainy season.  This is when flowers bloom and nature greens especially on the south Pacific areas. Also, milder temperatures permit animals to move more freely (remember summer in the tropics can be hot). You will also find many hotels give special offers and there is more room to relax due to the limited amount of visitors. Beaches on the north, particularly those in Guanacaste, will be enjoyable even with some rain. The rainy season does not mean it rains all day. Mornings are usually bright and shiny and afternoons are foggy and rainy, so you can plan outside activities during the morning and enjoy a cup of world-class coffee during the afternoon.

All depends on what would make your trip more enjoyable. At the Costa Rica Dental Team, we like to help you achieve this. Although dental treatment can hardly be called a vacation, we will make sure your visits to the clinic will be as enjoyable as possible no matter the time of the year.  Our friendly staff will be able to help you with recommendations, transportation and hotels. Contact us now for more!

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