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Even while millions of people invest in whiter teeth, some criticize of teeth whitening as “unnecessary.” Clearly, teeth whitening doesn’t improve chewing or speech. So, why get it?

The better question is: Why not get it? Pricing is the primary reason that stops some people from getting the pearly white teeth of their dreams. But frankly, teeth whitening in Costa Rica is more affordable than ever.

The benefits of teeth whitening are clear. Here’s a question for you: How much is your self-confidence worth? While it might be difficult to assign a specific value to self-esteem, it’s obvious to most that self-esteem is critical to your overall happiness.

Your smile is important. It’s a dominant part of your face and almost always the first thing people see when they meet you. A smile is an essential non-verbal communication tool. You can say a lot of positive things with your smile alone.

On the other hand, having unpleasantly yellow teeth may make you self-conscious. You can’t laugh as freely. You can’t smile when people take close-up pictures. You have to remind yourself constantly to close your lips when you smile. So if your profession requires you to be outgoing, your smile is critical to the work you do. In many professions, having white teeth is a necessity. Teachers, sales people, performers, models, doctors, lawyers and many other professionals rely on professional teeth whitening services to achieve a brilliant white smile. But really, is there any professional who wants yellowed teeth?

Avoiding Yellow Teeth

Clearly, the best way to deal with yellow teeth is to prevent them in the first place. While the dental professionals at Costa Rica Dental Team are happy to give you back your healthy, milky smile, we’d much rather help you never lose it in the first place. Here are some things that cause or accelerate the yellowing of the teeth.

  • Smoking. Tobacco is bad for you in so many ways. Yellow, stained teeth are yet another negative consequence of smoking.
  • Cola, Sodas and “Energy” Drinks. These are just water with sugar, dyes and other chemicals. Industrialized and processed fruit drinks are a bit better, but not much. Stick to water or natural juices.
  • Sugary Sweets. These are just like sodas, except in solid form. They make your teeth more susceptible to staining.
  • Black Tea & Coffee. Black tea is a leading cause of discolored teeth. Maybe it’s time to change to green tea instead. Coffee also stains teeth.
  • Alcohol. The main culprits are red wine and white wine, which also make your teeth vulnerable to discoloration caused by the food you have with them.

How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

In addition to knowing the things that make your teeth yellow, it’s useful to know what helps prevents them from becoming yellow. Our specialists recommend the following two actions, which are unbelievably simple and effective.

  1. Have a sip of water at the end of a meal. Spin the water inside your mouth a bit. This helps wash away food and chemicals from the food that cover your teeth.
  2. Brushing your teeth after a meal. You should be doing this even if you aren’t actively trying to prevent yellow teeth.

Time is another factor that eventually dulls your smile and one that you can’t do much about. However, at Costa Rica Dental Team, we can help you turn back the clock and restore your beautiful smile for a fraction of the cost for teeth whitening anywhere else.

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