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Surgical Guides: A Safer and Less Invasive Tool for Precise Implant Surgery

If you are considering dental implants, it’s important to choose a provider that is prepared to handle possible complications during surgery. Dental implant complications are often an involuntary result of improper diagnosis, poor treatment planning, inferior surgical methods, and improper placement.

Complications in the dental implant process can be virtually eliminated by using surgical guides for implant placement. Even with the most experienced implant specialist, clinical outcomes are often unpredictable. Even if the implants are well placed, the location and position of the implants may not be precise. High precision in preparation and implementation of surgical procedures is vital in achieving a high success rate, while minimizing patient pain and harm. This can be accomplished by computer tomography, 3D implant planning software, image-guided guide manufacture procedures, and computer-aided surgery.

Many dentists place implants to take advantage of maximum bone density, with little attention paid to the attachment of final restoration. In the majority of cases, surgical implant placement is rarely as precise as planned. Even a slight discrepancy from the planned placement will result in a difficult prosthetic assembly process. This is why Costa Rica Dental Team uses surgical guides for ALL dental implants.

Why should you demand that your dental surgeon
uses surgical guides for implant placement?

  • More exact placement of implants
  • Protection of anatomic structures
  • Shorter treatment period and surgery times
  • Less invasive, flapless surgery and reduced swelling
  • Less post-operative stress on patient

The main purpose of a surgical guide is to direct the implant drilling system and provide an accurate placement of the implant according to the surgical treatment plan. To precisely transfer the plan to the operative location, customized conventional radiographic or computer image guided surgical templates provide a precise treatment for the patient.

At Costa Rica Dental Team, the combination of a 3D bone model, including the 3D radiological data and the 3D radiographic guide models allows our surgeons to place implants in the correct locations according to anatomical, functional and esthetic goals. For optimal success, the surgeon virtually positions the implants, with the optimum dimension and diameter. The result is a flawless implant placement.

Computer aided planning and image guided surgery are recommended for precise implant positioning and for the safe placement of implants with perfect use of available bone, in which cases CT scan is recommended as a diagnostic means.

Costa Rica Dental Team is your connection to affordable, high-quality dental implants with the added assurance of surgical guides which will increase efficiency, improve accuracy and boost patient satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about how surgical guides can improve the success of your dental implant procedure.