Looking into cosmetic dentistry options in Costa Rica

Looking into cosmetic dentistry options

A beautiful smile is a vital part of self-image. It can boost or diminish your confidence in ways other things cannot. A beautiful smile shows determination, honesty, tidiness, and security. This is why in business and in personal life an open, sparkly smile can go a long way. Over the years we have met people from every walk in life, and we have repeatedly heard they have noticed changes in the way people perceive them after their smile makeover. Here are some of the imperfections that can be corrected through cosmetic dentistry.

Chipped or cracked teeth

Sometimes a tooth can crack at the incisal surface. In the case of back teeth one of the cuspids can chip off. This happens due to a strong trauma, generally biting off something very hard such as ice, candy, or seeds.  Cracked teeth can be repaired with resin bondings or porcelain veneers.

Fractured teeth

A fracture is more serious than a crack because it involves more dental structure. Sometimes fractures can even reach and expose the nerve and require a root canal treatment or even an extraction. Fractures are generally caused by accidents or contact sports. They can involve a porcelain crown or, in more serious cases, a dental implant.

Dull or yellow teeth

Yellowed teeth are a relatively common concern. It is generally caused by the frequent ingestion of hue-saturated foods or beverages such as tea, coffee, or wine. Also, smoking and some medications can accelerate the staining of teeth. This can be quickly reverted with laser whitening and frequent touch ups at home with whitening gel. For more dramatic white tones that will not yellow over time, porcelain veneers or crowns can achieve excellent results.


The formal name for gaps between teeth is diastema, and they can be a serious concern for some people. Interdental gaps are caused for several reasons. The most common is post-orthodontic movement. Teeth keep certain malleability after your braces have been removed and they tend to return to their original place if there not enough retention. Another common factor for central teeth diastemas is an enlarged frenum. This is an anatomical defect that cannot be corrected with braces, since teeth will separate just hours after the braces are removed. The only solution for this situation is the surgical removal of the frenum. There are many conservative solutions to close gaps of which the most common are orthodontic treatment with aligners or resin bondings.

Small teeth

Some people do not like teeth that are overly small or showing several millimeters of gum when they smile. Both are congenital defects that can be easily corrected. Tooth size can be modified with porcelain crowns or veneers. Gummy smile can also be corrected with gingivectomies, which basically means remodeling the gum and cutting out excesses. In some cases when the amount of gum to be removed is too much, some bone must be removed too. This is called a crown lengthening, and although it is an invasive procedure it offers very good results.

 If you are considering any esthetic procedure, we recommend trusting someone with sufficient experience and knowledge. At the Costa Rica Dental Team, we have more than ten years worth of experience in cosmetic reconstructions of all kinds. Our team of bilingual dentists and surgeons will make sure you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of. We pair with our onsite lab in order to provide crowns and veneers of the highest quality at the shortest turnaround times and reasonable prices. Feel free to take a look at our completed cases on our before and after page or contact us for questions.