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In dentistry, a crown refers to the anatomical area of a tooth that erupts from the gingiva and is visible on the mouth. The crown has several layers, of which the enamel is the hardest and outermost. If a part of the natural crown is chipped or fractured, a dentist can use an artificial crown. To do this, he will grind the enamel and replace it with a full-contour porcelain layer that will simulate the anatomy and the color of your natural tooth. Crowns can be used for many purposes in dentistry, of which the principal is restorative. However, not many are aware of the range of possibilities crowns offer in the cosmetic arena.  With dental crowns, a cosmetic dentist can correct bite problems, align teeth, change their shape or length, and permanently change their color.

Most people struggle with teeth defects. Dental crowns are a great replacement for long orthodontic treatments. A set of crowns can correct bite problems like a crossbite, a collapsed biting plane, and some inverted jaw misalignments. There are some limits, but in general, with crowns, a dentist will literally redesign your bite and solve many issues. This will involve several of them, depending on your case.

Dental crowns can also be an excellent alternative for crowded teeth. Since the dentist must grind the enamel surface, he can redistribute spaces so as to design the crowns to fit in an aligned arch. Sometimes, if the crowding is severe, he might recommend extracting one tooth in order to allow more space, but that will be evaluated individually. Moreover, a talented cosmetic dentist will make your dental crowns barely perceptible because the translucency, color, and characterization of the porcelain will blend naturally with the rest of your teeth. You will have a beautiful, even smile without undergoing braces.

A cosmetic dentist can also modify the length, shape, and width of your teeth. With crowns, there is a wider range of possibilities than with dental veneers. With crowns, changes can be edgier because they have a larger surface area. Therefore, mechanically, a dentist can safely make bolder adjustments to teeth size and shape without worrying about the possibility of failure or fracture.

Teeth bleaching techniques are usually effective temporarily. Your teeth will whiten a few shades while on treatment, but if the treatment is not continued with touchups, the shade will start to become natural. If you want a permanently white, radiant smile your option is to get crowns, since porcelain does not stain and does not change color over time.

Dental crowns are a great alternative for cosmetic adjustments on your teeth. They will not only save you time and energy; you will see immediate results. At the Costa Rica Dental Team we specialize in cosmetic treatments of this sort. Our team of cosmetic dentists has had years of experience in restoring full mouth cases with crowns. Our patients return home after one week with the radiant, beautiful smile they had wished for. If you are thinking about brushing up your smile at an affordable cost, you´ve reached the right place.  Click here to see some examples of how we use dental crowns for cosmetic restorations.

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