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Full Mouth Reconstructions with Crowns: are they truly an option?

Over the course of our experience, we have found not only patients but also dentists who believe full mouth crown cases are never truly necessary. Their point of view starts from the fact that a crown requires the prepping of all the enamel surfaces for all or most teeth, which they consider unnecessarily invasive. In addition, they insist the process to achieve this requires not only magnanimous patience from both patient and the dentist but also skills almost unattainable from the dentist and the laboratory for the planning and designing of the case.  It is true a full mouth reconstruction with crowns requires considerable skill and experience to achieve a good result, but this does not mean it is not to be considered. On the contrary, there are situations that merit going forth with it.

  1. Cases that require restorations on most teeth. Sometimes multiple cavities or root canals on teeth require crowns both to protect the remaining structures and to restore their function. Oftentimes patients already have several crowns that need replacement. At others, bruxism and grinding damage calls forth the need for restoration. It is also possible all of the above apply. Although the damage may be extensive, the teeth are still salvageable. The most efficient solution is a full-mouth reconstruction with crowns.
  2. Cases with a cosmetic outlook. There are patients who want a pearly, Hollywood smile. However, there are certain shades that are simply unattainable with bleaching techniques, especially from a certain age onwards. There are also anatomical changes that cannot be done with conservative treatments as are for example modifying the position of the tooth or considerably changing their shape and size. These cases require crowns on many, if not most teeth.
  3. Bite correction without orthodontics. It is true certain malocclusions can be corrected with orthodontics, but this is a long and painful process that some patients are often unwilling to go through especially at a mature age. With crowns, a new bite can be designed and the patient is able to provide feedback about the length, size, shape, and color of his teeth. There are also results even from the earliest stages.  This is ideal for patients who require an immediate change or that travel from other countries for treatment.

A full mouth reconstruction with crowns is certainly an extensive procedure. You must really make sure you are in the best hands, and what better hands than our team. The Costa Rica Dental Team counts with the technology and support to deliver high-quality full mouth reconstruction cases. Our team of dentists has had many years of hands-on experience in cases like these. We are truly the smile experts. Contact us now to find out how to work on yours.