Zirconia Dental Implants, Costa Rica, Advantages over Titanium Metal Implants

Do You Know What You Are Putting in Your Mouth?!?!

For years titanium or titanium alloys were considered the gold standard materials for dental implants, and many dentists are continuing to offer only titanium, but at the Costa Rica Dental Team we offer zirconia crowns and bridges.

Most patients don’t think about what material their dental implant is constructed from but titanium can cause hypersensitivity reactions, biocompatibility issues and an unattractive gray hue. When combined with computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing techniques, zirconia has been proven to be a superior material for crowns and bridges, providing excellent biologic, aesthetic and mechanical properties when compared to titanium.

The experts at Costa Rica Dental Team use the most advanced technologies to ensure they are offering their patients the best care based on his or her individual needs.

What is a Zirconia Dental Implant?

Zirconia can be used for dental implants, which are root replacements, capped with a ceramic crown also called the replacement tooth. Zirconia is a ceramic material that is white and opaque versus titanium which is a metal material that is grey in color.  

What are Some of the Advantages of Zirconia Implants?

  1. Esthetics; zirconia provides a more natural white color than the gray metal titanium implants
  2. Biocompatibility; researchers have shown patients with zirconia implants do not have issues with inflammation or rejection and the implant is completely assimilated into the jawbone.
  3. Hypoallergenic; in long-term clinical trials patients did not develop implant sensitivities which can be seen with titanium implants.
  4. Healthier teeth and gums; zirconia is corrosion resistant and does not promote bacterial growth
  5. Durability; zirconia is both durable and inflexible under pressure

What are the Possible Disadvantages of Titanium Implants?

  1. Can interfere with autoimmune diseases
  2. Metal taste
  3. Insomnia
  4. Electrical charge when you are near other metals
  5. Allergic reactions

Are Zirconia Implants Metal Free?

Zirconia starts as Zirconium metal but when it is treated, stabilized and converted into crystal, it becomes a zirconium oxide which is a ceramic and is metal free.

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