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Dental Implants: Psychological Benefits

Dental implants are by far the most sought after treatment by dental tourists. They are safe, reliable, and with proper care, they last for the rest of a patient’s life. Dentists all over the world recommend implants for missing teeth, and patients who can’t afford them in their countries of origin travel overseas to obtain them in other countries. Costa Rica Dental Team is highly experienced in dental implants and related procedures with experience caring for literally thousands of patients from the United States and Canada.

But aside from the well-known health and dental benefits of dental implants, such as the ability to chew, dental implants also offer many psychological benefits for patients.

Our face is important for our identity. Our face is typically the image we have of ourselves. You identify with your face more than with any other body part and so do other people. If you close your eyes and imagine what you think of as “yourself,” the chances are that you’ll be picturing your face. When other people think of you, they also think of your face.

In addition, the gestures we make with our face allow us to express a wide range of emotions. Among those, wearing a smile is the best non-verbal cue we have to express that we are happy and confident.

When a person loses one or more teeth, he or she typically becomes terribly aware of it, especially if the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth. A person may decide consciously or unconsciously to stop smiling in front of other people. Or, he or she may cover his or her mouth when smiling or laughing in public. In some cases, people who have lost teeth decide to stop going out for meals with other people because they don’t want the missing teeth to be seen.

Obviously, if the person works in a field that requires social interaction, such as teaching or sales, the impact can be greater. In these cases, missing teeth can be genuinely disabling.

Over time, the loss of teeth can lead to deep insecurity, low self-esteem, and even depression. At this point, the patient may stop paying attention to his or her dental care, which will result in further tooth damage, possibly additional tooth loss and even more negative feelings.

One of the advantages of dental implants and other procedures based on dental implants, such as all on 4, and full mouth restorations is that they look and feel almost like natural teeth. Other people won’t see anything different unless you tell them. They will soon forget about your missing teeth forever. And because patients won’t feel anything different, they are able to smile, eat, and speak confidently in public. For many, the feeling of confidence and happiness is equal or greater than the physical benefits they receive from dental implants.

Dentists and dental implant specialists at Costa Rica Dental Team delight in restoring their patients’ smile and self-esteem with dental implants. We encourage you to call today and discover how affordable dental implants are in Costa Rica. To speak with one of our dental implantologists, please call us Toll-Free at (866) 694-6226, or fill out the Free Consultation here.