Costa Rica: the best place to travel after the world pandemic

Costa Rica the best place to travel after the world pandemic

Costa Rica has been a nation characterized for welcoming visitors from all around the world. Hundreds of thousands tourists cross our borders every month. However, on midnight of March 18, 2020 the Costa Rican international borders were closed for the first time in history to foreign travelers. This was one of the many measures taken to contain the spread of Covid-19 within territory. The government has been very proactive to this effect and Costa Rica has become one of the countries in Latin America with the lowest death rates, earning the praise of many other nations. Today, the curve has been flattened due the efforts of the entire population. However, the authorities say there is still road to travel.

International borders are expected to reopen to foreign travelers on May 15th, but this measure will be revised based on the internal spread caused by the gradual return to economical activities. We are aware thousands of travelers around the world have had to cancel or postpone their trips, and many others are waiting to see what happens. At the Costa Rica Dental Team we have seen this firsthand. However, the sanitary restrictions will be lifted at some point and when that happens our country will be ready to receive tourists as warmheartedly as ever.

Costa Rica is a great place to visit. Our country is surrounded by 1230 kilometers of coasts both on the Pacific and on the Caribbean, some of which rank as the most beautiful in the world. Inland there are volcanoes, cloud forests, hot springs and rivers packed with interesting activities. Thanks to its conservationist practices, Costa Rica harbors about 5% of the total biodiversity of the planet in its national parks, reserves, and protected areas. Its impressive wildlife makes it a top destination for ecotourism. The possibilities for outdoor activities are endless, and they are affordable too. Most tourists affirm they have found traveling in Costa Rica quite inexpensive considering most aspects.

Costa Rica is surrounded by waters to the east and the west. Some of the most beautiful beaches on earth are located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica´s northern province. If you are a water person you can relax over white sands or scuba dive to watch colorful corals in transparent waters. You can also participate in sport fishing. There are world-class yearly competitions in which you can catch species such as Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish, or Tarpon. There are also renowned beaches to practice surfing. On the north pacific and the central pacific coast there is a year-round surfing season and world-class competitions.

If you are a mountain person, there are countless options inland. Exiting canopy tours will get you hanging over kilometers of rainforests. There are numerous routes to practice mountain biking. Some of them pose a challenge even to expert cyclists and landscapes are breathtaking. For hikers there are endless possibilities too. Hiking routes also offer varied difficulty. You can walk through mountains, canyons, jungles and forests. If you are up for even greater challenges you can hike up to Cerro Chirripó, the highest point in Costa Rica.

During the last weeks, renowned international media has labeled Costa Rica as one of the top destinations for travel after the worldwide sanitary crisis. These include Lonely Planet, The Times, Canadian Traveller, Forbes, and El Mundo. This is because it is true. Costa Rica will feel like paradise after the emergency is over. Don’t miss out!

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