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September 12, 2019

How to take care of your All-on-4 at home

It was a long but rewarding process.  After the surgical stage and several visits to the dentist, your implant-supported denture is now installed. A lot has […]
June 24, 2019

What makes the cost for dental implants?

An important aspect when considering a dental implant is, of course, their cost. Although they may be the best solution out available for teeth replacement, you […]
June 17, 2019

When are dental implants the best option?

Dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth simply because they work just like natural teeth. They feel and look like you never lost them […]
April 29, 2019

What makes a high quality All-on-4?

If you suspect most or all your teeth are unsalvageable or that they will soon reach this condition, you are probably considering restoring your teeth with […]

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