World War II Veteran Chooses Costa Rica Dental Team For Affordable High-Quality Dental Care

WW2 Veteran, Costa Rica Dental Care

As the federal government reports that more than 140 million Americans lack basic dental insurance coverage, more and more are beginning to look outside of the U.S. for affordable high-quality dental care. Dental tourism, as this trend is known, is growing at a tremendous pace as millions of Americans face greater out-of-pocket costs for dental care.  In fact, only the wealthiest citizens can afford to pay for important dental care.

While tens of millions of Americans lose teeth to decay, trauma and gum disease, many are considering dental care in foreign locations that offer affordable high-quality dental care often at a fraction of the price when compared to the same procedure at home. Dental tourism, the act of traveling outside of your home country for dental care, can often save individuals a significant amount of money.

In Costa Rica, a growing hot spot for dental tourism given its close proximity to the U.S., patients save an average of 50-70% over U.S. prices for the same or comparable dental services. With high-quality services, low prices and attentive care, Americans are finding that traveling to Costa Rica for a dental vacation is an attractive and affordable option.

World War II Veteran Chooses Costa Rica Dental Team For Affordable High-Quality Dental CareSuch is the case for William Goodness, a retired 87 year old World War II veteran who traveled from Wisconsin to Costa Rica for his dental needs. “I found that the price for dental work in Costa Rica is very good,” said Goodness. “At my age, I do not have dental insurance. The cost at home would have been prohibitive for the amount of work I had done. I had four fillings, three crowns, a root canal, a cleaning and whitening for less than what I would have paid for one crown back in the United States. And I just love visiting Costa Rica, so it was an easy choice for me.” Goodness received dental care at Costa Rica Dental Team, a full-service dental clinic and dental laboratory in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Owned and operated by Mike Lomax, an American dental technician with more than 37 years of dental experience, Costa Rica Dental Team features a staff of highly-trained, attentive dentists and technicians. Its state-of-the-art dental lab boasts an array of cutting-edge equipment that rival the capabilities of any U.S. facility. “The equipment they had, which I’ve never seen before, was an intra-oral camera that projected the inside of my mouth and my teeth onto a big screen TV, so I could see exactly what they were telling me,” explained Goodness. “Back home they just have a regular X-ray machine, which is nothing like this machine. It was just wonderful. They pointed out where my problems were and I could see exactly what they were going to do as they explained it. The people at Costa Rica Dental Team were very nice and very attentive to my needs.”

“Americans are very savvy,” stated Mike Lomax, owner of Costa Rica Dental Team. “With the widespread availability of technology today, it is easy to go on the Internet to conduct research and compare dental facilities to find the one that best fits your needs – and your budget. Our high-quality services, low prices, experienced and caring staff – not to mention the fact that we are located in the stunningly beautiful country of Costa Rica – make Costa Rica Dental Team the perfect destination for your dental vacation.”

“Here at Costa Rica Dental Team, we are committed to making each of our international patients feel comfortable and cared for while they are receiving treatment away from home. We take our service to the next level by providing our patients with a first-class experience including English concierge service, hotel transfers to your dental appointments, American brand hotels English-speaking dentists and more. Our goal is to make our patients smile, by providing them with an amazing experience and beautiful, healthy teeth.”

Patients seeking dental implants, zirconia crowns, dental veneers or a full mouth restoration are encouraged to consider Costa Rica Dental Team. To book your dental vacation or learn how Costa Rica Dental Team can save you money on your dental restoration needs, call toll free at (866) 694-6226 or contact us for a free quote.

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