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Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

When patients go to the dentist, they generally have problems that they want to get resolved.  The most important considerations are how their new teeth will work and how they will look when the procedures are done. Very few patients think about — or consider — the quality of the materials that go into the tooth replacements or restorations they receive.

However, dental materials play a big part in the long-term success of a patient’s dental care. Dental materials determine resistance, strength, looks, and longevity. Dental laboratories invest heavily in the development of new and better materials that will provide patients with improved aesthetics, strength, and functionality.

As of today, the best material for crowns and bridges is zirconium dioxide, commonly known as Zirconia (not to be confused with cubic zirconia, a material used in jewelry). The properties of Zirconia make it a better alternative than porcelain or other materials used in the manufacturing of crowns and bridges.

Zirconia is highly stable and chemically non-reactive, which makes it a safe material. There is no danger that it will react to toothpaste, rinse, medication, or any other substance that it may come in contact with. It is also extremely strong, allowing the patient to chew virtually any type of food safely. Chewing properly is a key aspect of digestion, which is something many patients don’t think about when selecting a crown or a bridge.

Due to its demand and the skill needed to produce quality work, Zirconia crowns and bridges tend to be expensive in the United States, forcing many people to accept lower-quality options or delaying treatment which may lead to infection. There are even some patients that just never get the restorations they need. Fortunately, many of them are finding a high quality, yet affordable option: Zirconia restorations from Costa Rica Dental Team.

At Costa Rica Dental Team, you’ll find Zirconia crowns and bridges and English-speaking dentists with the experience to ensure that your new zirconia restorations fit perfectly. You’ll also find that our clinic has the most advanced dental equipment available today, making your choice an easy one.

World class care, cutting edge materials, state of the art technology and English-speaking dentists…all available here at Costa Rica Dental Team for a fraction of the price you’d pay back home.