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Costa Rica Dental Team, 10 Year Guarantee

We value the trust our patients put in us. So much so that we stand by all our work with an incomparable 10 year guarantee.

Why us

US Certified dentists that will help you with:

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
  • All-on-4

State-of-the-art lab

Located just above our offices, the Reliable Arts Dental Lab is over 7000 sq feet of brilliantly designed and equipped laboratory space.

Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a natural gem situated at one of the narrowest points of the Central American isthmus. In fact, the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans are hours away by car. If you love the sun, surf, mountains, and nature you’ll enjoy a vacation here.

Why is Costa Rica so Popular for Dental Vacations?

  • Affordable dentistry
  • Quality care
  • Beautiful location
  • Advanced technology

You and your family are always welcome to Costa Rica!

Our main dental services

Dental Implants

Implants look and feel just like real teeth, and they are a more permanent replacement for missing teeth than dentures or partials. If successfully integrated, they can last for the rest of your life, resulting in an authentically beautiful and natural-looking smile.

Dental Crowns

Do you have a damaged or discolored tooth that you’d like to restore? Maybe a cavity that has grown too large for a filling? A crown can be used to restore your tooth to its original shape and color while also preventing further wear. Our dentists’ expertise and high quality materials will give a natural look and feel to your new crowns.

Dental Bridges

If you’ve recently lost a tooth, then you may want to cover up the gap. If not properly cared for, your remaining teeth may start to shift within your mouth and can cause further complications. A bridge is an easy way to replace your missing teeth and will help you keep those remaining in their proper places.


What our patients say

Tommy Harper
Tommy Harper
3rd time visiting Costa Rica and the Costa Rica dental team. Each experience is better than the last. The staff is amazing and they make everything go so smoothly. They have done an amazing job fixing my dental issues and bringing my smile back to life. I have had root canals, crowns, fillings, bone graphs, and implants. I would recommend to anyone from anywhere for any dental needs!
Mark Szymankiewicz
Mark Szymankiewicz
Best dental experience of my life! I always had anxiety about visiting a dentist since childhood. The team at Costa Rica Dental are professional and courteous During a prior visit, I fell sick from food poisoning and the staff took awesome care of me. They drove me to the Dr and really made me feel special! Dr Jessica is the best
Hardy Underhay
Hardy Underhay
This place is like a well oiled machine !!! Every part of dealing with them has been seamless and smooth. From landing at the airport to pick up, drop off, being seen by the dentists, their bedside manner is OUTSTANDING, the actual work, etc. Wow !!!! They put the USA to shame !!! Even getting my prescriptions at the pharmacy was a great experience. You walk in, hand them your prescription and 5 minutes later you have all your drugs in hand. Not to mention that they are very cost-effective and not a total insurance scam rip off. I am feeling good, no pain whatsoever. 👍 I would recommend Costa Rica Dental Team to anybody that has questions about taking the trip and not sure if it would be worth it.
I had a great experience during my two trips at Costa Rica Dental Clinic. The entire team is fantastic. Laid back , joyful but very professionals. Dr Mora, Dr Vitola, and Dr Briceno are amazing . Highly recommended !
Frank Sevek
Frank Sevek
A great team. CRDT is easy to schedule and they will pick you up from downtown and take you back after your visit. They have a lab on site. They use modern equipment.
Douglas Wilson
Douglas Wilson
This is my 4th visit to the Costa Rica dental team in San Jose Costa Rica and I'm amazed by the professionalism the professionalism and the quality of work and care that is given Doug Wilson
Jovite Nguembou
Jovite Nguembou
If you have any type of dental issues, medical of cosmetic, think no further. Costa Rica Dental Team is your place. I flew into Costa Rica from NYC to meet with Costa Rica Dental Team. Dr Jesica Mora was absolutely amazing in guiding me on how to prepare for the visit. I arrived on Sunday and my first visit was Monday morning with Dr Jesica Mora. The entire team was very welcoming. Dr Mora explained in detail to me what my treatment plan was. I needed 24 teeth crowned. All preparation was done on Monday and Tuesday. I was given a rest day on Wednesday. On Thursday all 24 crowns were cemented. On Friday, final checkups were done along with confirmation X-rays. I returned to nyc on Saturday. THE RESULT WAS IMPECCABLE. I couldn’t stop smiling and showing off my brand new teeth. The price is affordable and unbeatable. The team is knowledgeable. The treatment is highly professional. I strongly recommend you book your appointment today with Dr Jesica Mora.
Joel Nelson
Joel Nelson
I thank the entire team of dentists for their great experience and professionalism. I am very satisfied with my results. I recommend them for any dental work.
Wendy Waldrop
Wendy Waldrop
My experience started out with a visit to my local dentist because I was having pain in a tooth. It cost me over 400.00 to get an exorbitant quote for necessary work. I had heard something about dental work in Costa Rica, and started asking around for recommendations. After contacting a few of the clinics, I was referred to Costa Rica Dental Team. Very soon after contacting them, Mike, the owner, called me and talked to me for almost two hours, explaining everything and suggesting the best way to proceed. He recommended a total mouth reconstruction, which included 18 crowns, a number of implants and some other work. I ended up going alone, but never felt uncomfortable. The clinic recommended the Hyatt Place, which was a great hotel surrounded by restaurants and shops. I felt very safe there. Jose, the driver, picked me up at the airport and drove me to the hotel and made sure I got checked in with no problem. My first appointment was at 8 on Monday morning. Dr. Jessica actually picked me up herself, as Jose had car issues that day. Monday was a long day with all the drilling and crowns. Dr. Jessica was wonderful, as were the other staff that day who helped her. But I had no pain to speak of. My temporary crowns were placed that day. My next appointment was Wednesday. I had 4 implants placed that day along with a bone graft to prepare for another implant. The surgeon was very good and all of that only took about an hour and a half. They gave me a pain shot and medicine, but I never had much pain from the surgery. On Friday, I got all the permanent crowns placed, and got a temporary partial to use until the implants are completed. All in all, I felt that everyone was very professional and nice. Jose, the driver, went to the pharmacy with me to pick up a couple of prescriptions to make sure I didn't have any problems there. He was a great driver, very friendly and always right on time. On my last day, he even took me to a grocery store to pick up some coffee to bring home. I still have 2 trips to go for the completion of the implants, but I am so pleased. I have never had really pretty teeth all my life, but I certainly do now. I am going back in about 2 months for more work, and I actually look forward to it. Everyone at the clinic is so nice, and I never waited more than a few minutes. I recommend them to anyone. My experience so far has been excellent.

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You can reach us by phone on Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Note that our time zone is the same as US Central Standard Time. We are also available via e-mail anytime.

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